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Title: 上官婉兒及其詩歌研究
Authors: 鍾宗憲
Wang, Hsiao-Ling
Keywords: 女性文學
Female literature
Tang Poems
Shangguan Waner's poetry
Court poet
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 上官婉兒是初唐時期結束前二十多年的一位風雲人物,也是當時的文壇主持。她位居權要,游刃在政治事變之中,深陷於權謀狡詐中,對於當時的政治環境和文化風向影響相當大。她所擁有的文學意識、主導的文學活動和宮廷式的文學創作等都對當世的文人們有著非常顯明的領導作用。而她獨具特色的詩歌創作理論以及她在宮廷酬唱活動中的評判地位,對唐詩的發展都產生了一定的影響。仔細研究這一時期的詩歌在形式上走向了成熟風骨,為盛唐詩歌的多元創作做了多方面的準備。
Shanggan Waner is a figure of more than twenty years before the end of the early Tang Dynasty, and also the literary director at that time. She was in power, in the midst of political events, deeply involved in power-seeking sly, for the political environment and cultural winds at that time has a considerable impact. Her literary consciousness, leading literary activities and court-style literary creation all have a very obvious leadership role in that period. And her unique theory of poetry creation and her judgment almost all have an influence on the development of Tang poetry in the court singing activities. Careful study of the poetry of this period in the form of mature style, for Sheng Tang poetry's multi-creation made a variety of preparations.
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