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Title: 探討數位媒介與字幕輔助對國中生英語字彙學習成效、學習態度、學習動機及數位教材沉浸感之影響
Types of Digital Media and Subtitle on Junior High School Students’ Contextualized English Learning
Authors: 陳明溥
Chen, Ming-Puu
Kao, Yu-Ting
Keywords: 數位媒介
Digital media
Situated cognition
English Learning Performance
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 本研究在探討數位媒介與字幕輔助對國中學習者在英語情境式學習的學習成效、態度、動機及數位教材沈浸感。研究採因子設計之準實驗研究法,對象為七年級學習者,有效樣本144人。自變項為「數位媒介」與「字幕輔助」;「數位媒介」分為網頁版與APP版;「字幕輔助」分為英文字幕與中文字幕。依變項為英語字彙學習成效(知識記憶、知識理解)、學習態度(情意成分、認知成分、行為成分、科技接受度)、學習動機(價值成分、期望成分)及數位教材沈浸感(沈浸/臨場感、專注、挑戰、自主和控制)。 研究結果顯示:在學習成效方面,(1)就知識記憶而言,使用網頁版數位教材搭配中文字幕輔助之學習者優於使用APP版數位教材之學習者,顯示網頁版數位教材更能讓學習者聚焦於知識內容,進而反覆記憶練習(2)就知識理解而言,同樣使用中文字幕輔助之學習者,使用APP版數位教材優於使用網頁版數位教材,顯示具有互動性質的數位教材能夠提升學習者學習動機,增強學習者知識概念與英語情境的連結與理解(3)在學習態度、學習動機及數位教材沈浸感方面:各組學習者對學習活動皆抱持正向樂觀態度,不管使用網頁版或是APP版數位教材學習,學習者在學習態度、學習動機及數位教材沈浸感皆有所提升。
This study aims to explore the impact of using different types of digital media and subtitle on seventh-graders’ English learning effectiveness, learning attitude, learning motivation and the immersion of digital media. A quasi-experimental research method was employed and the effective sample size was 144. The independent variables included digital media (web vs. APP) and subtitle (English subtitle vs. Chinese subtitles). The dependent variables were learning effectiveness, attitude, motivation and immersions toward English learning. The results revealed that (a) for the memory performance, the web-based Chinese-subtitle group outperformed the APP-based digital-textbook group, shows that web-based textbook allows learners to focus on knowledge content and to repeat memory exercises; (b) for the comprehension performance, the APP-based group outperformed the web-based group, shows that interactive digital textbooks can enhance learners motivation to learn and enhance the connection and understanding of learners’ knowledge concepts and English context; and (c) all learners revealed positive attitude, motivation and immersions of digital media toward English learning, shows that regardless of the use of the web-based or the APP-based digital learning material, learners' learning attitude, motivation and immersion in digital teaching materials are all improved.
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