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Title: 應用三維列印於STEAM教學提升學生創造力之行動研究
Using 3D printing in STEAM education to enhance students' creativity: An action research
Authors: 吳正己
Wu, Cheng-Chih
Lin, Tung
Keywords: 三維列印
3D Printing
Action Research
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 本研究以行動研究實施三維列印之STEAM教學以提升學生創造力,研究目的一方面是促進授課教師在教學上的專業成長,另一方面是藉此了解應用三維列印於STEAM教學實施的問題。行動研究者為北部某國小的一位資訊教師,教學對象為該國小四年級的兩個班級,共53位學生,研究者本人擔任助教及觀察者角色。教師實施的STEAM教學活動涵蓋科技(三維列印)、藝術(美感與創意)與數學(幾何概念)等三領域,教學步驟包括討論分析、設計引導、草圖設計、製作原型與課後感想等五個階段,最終讓學生完成一件三維列印的建築物作品。 研究結果發現:(1)教師體認三維列印的STEAM教學可以提升學生學習動機,以及協同教學在STEAM教學的重要性。(2)教師認為在STEAM教學時提供學生豐富的範例,可以避免學生思考受侷限;在應用三維建模軟體時,教材應有明確主題並提供操作步驟;授課時應進行前次授課提要,以幫助學生銜接STEAM不同領域之學習主題。建議未來實施三維列印STEAM教學前,應先教授學生三維列印概念及STEAM單元涉及的學科知識,並尋求相關領域教師協同教學,且應實施課後測驗瞭解學生學習成效以修正教學。
In this study, we adopted an action research to implement STEAM education using 3D printing to enhance students’ creativity. On the one hand, we want to improve the teaching professional of the teacher using 3D printing in STEAM education, on the other hand, we want to understand the implementation issues of the approach. The action researcher is a computing teacher from a local elementary school. Two classes in the 4th grade, with a total of 53 students, participated in this study. The researcher herself acted as a teaching assistant and observer during the instruction. The STEAM instructional activities included technology, arts and mathematics, using a 3D modeling software to design a 3D building, and then used a 3D printer to print out the artifact. The results show that teacher realize that using 3D printing in STEAM education can enhance students’ learning motivation and the importance of collaborating teaching in STEAM education. Besides, it is important to have more examples to stimulate students to have more diverse ideas. When applying the 3D modeling software, the teaching material should have focused themes and provide detailed operation steps. The teacher should review the previous teaching before a new learning topic. In such a circumstance, the students can connect with the topics that they have learned in different fields of STEAM. In future implementation, it is critical to provide students with the concepts related to 3D printing and the subject knowledge which is involved in STEAM before conducting the teaching, to co-teach with STEAM related subject teachers, and to have post-teaching tests to understand students’ learning so that the teaching can be adjusted.
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