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Title: 適性化之擴增實境教材呈現對不同學習風格學習者之影響分析
Analyzing the Impacts of Adaptive Augmented Reality's Learning Materials on Different Learning Styles Learners
Authors: 張國恩
Chang, kuo-En
Sung, Yao-Ting
Liu, Tzu-Chien
Liu, Hao-Lung
Keywords: 擴增實境
Augmented Reality
Individual Differences
Visual Learning Style
Verbal Learning Style
Adaptive Learning
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 教師需要在意課堂上學習者的學習風格,針對不同學習風格者給予相符合的 教材,才能幫助他們。亦有研究證實在教學現場使用擴增實境,能有效地幫助學 習者進行學習。但其帶來的教材不靈活性,無法適應學習者變化。 綜上所述,本研究提出適性化擴增實境系統,以此系統作為輔助學習者學習 之工具,讓學習者透過此系統進行學習,並可以接收到與自己學習風格相符合之 教材。 適性化擴增實境組在學習成效方面,是顯著優於非適性化擴增實境組。間隔 一個禮拜的延宕測驗也顯示出,適性化擴增實境組在記憶保留程度,也是顯著優 於非適性化擴增實境組。 除此之外,在皆使用擴增實境的情況下,神馳經驗沒有顯著差異。在滿意度 部分,除了系統穩定性需要有所改善之外,學習者在系統接受及使用上皆有良好 的態度,且在未來皆希望可以透過此類系統進行學習。
Teachers need to care about the learner's learning style in the classroom, and give them a matching textbook for different learning styles to help them. Studies have also confirmed that the use of augmented reality at the teaching site can effectively help learners learn. However, the materials it brings are not flexible and cannot adapt to learner changes. In summary, this study proposes an adaptive augmented reality system, which is used as a tool to assist learners in learning, allowing learners to learn through this system and receive textbooks that are consistent with their own learning style. The adaptive augmented reality group was significantly better than the non-adapted augmented reality group in terms of learning outcomes. The one-week delay test also showed that the degree of memory retention in the adaptive augmented reality group was also significantly better than the non-adapted augmented reality group. In addition, there is no significant difference in the experience of flow in the case of augmented reality. In the satisfaction section, in addition to the improvement of system stability, learners have a good attitude in system acceptance and use, and in the future they hope to learn through such systems.
Other Identifiers: G060608012E
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