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dc.contributorWu, Cheng-Chihen_US
dc.contributor.authorHuang, Yi-Chiaen_US
dc.description.abstract本研究探討應用桌遊於國小學生學習程式設計對學生學習成就及態度之影響。研究採準實驗設計法,研究參與者為臺北市某國小四年級兩班共58名學生,其中一班29名學生為實驗組,採用海霸桌遊進行程式設計學習;另一班29名學生為控制組,採用視覺化程式設計教學,以code.org網站的活動學習程式設計。教學實驗共實施八週,蒐集分析之資料包含成就測驗、態度問卷調查、教師課堂觀察、學習單。 研究結果顯示,桌遊程式設計教學有助於學生學習基本程式結構概念(如,迴圈)但在複合程式設計概念(如,除錯+迴圈)的學習則兩組無顯著差異,推測其原因為桌遊教學不適用於複雜的混合教學主題。另外,在學習態度上兩組學生也無顯著差異。建議未來應用桌遊於程式設計教學應:(1)規劃額外時間讓學生熟悉桌遊活動(2)加入學生分享討論的時間(3)提供小組長訓練及參考答案。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractThis research explores the impact of using board games in programming teaching on the learning achievements and attitudes of elementary school students. The research employs quasi-experimental design method, the research participants were 58 students in fourth grade with two classes at a public elementary school in Taipei City. One class with 29 students is an experimental group, using “Coding Ocean” board games for programming teaching. Another class with 29 students is the control group, using visual programming to design teaching and the activities on the “” website to design teaching contents. The experiment lasted for eight weeks. The data collection and analyzation include achievement tests, attitude questionnaires, teacher classroom observations, and learning history. The results of the research show that the teaching of board game programming helps students learn basic programming concepts (such as loops), but there is no significant difference between the two groups in the learning of complex programming concepts (such as debugging plus loops). The reason is that board game teaching is not suitable for complex mixed teaching topics. In addition, there was no significant difference in learning attitude between the two groups of students. It is recommended that the future application of board games in programming teaching should: (1) plan extra time for students to familiarize themselves with board game activities (2) add time for students to share and discuss (3) provide group leader training and reference answers.en_US
dc.subjectBoard Gamesen_US
dc.subjectElementary Schoolen_US
dc.titleApplying Board Games in Learning Programming for Elementary School Studentsen_US
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