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Titel: 一位國小教師的課程意識與國語文教學實踐之旅
A Primary School Teacher's Curriculum Consciousness and the Course of Chinese Language Teaching Practice
Autoren: 劉美慧
Liu, Mei-Hui
Wei, Chun-Yang
Stichwörter: 國小教師
elementary school teachers
curriculum consciousness
teaching practice
Chinese language teaching
Erscheinungsdatum: 2020
Zusammenfassung: 本研究旨在探究溫美玉老師課程意識與教學實踐之轉化歷程及兩者之關係,並探究溫老師成立之溫老師備課Party網路社群之影響。採用敘事探究,透過半結構訪談、觀察及文件分析蒐集資料。依據研究發現,本研究重要的研究發現如下: 一、溫美玉老師課程意識與教學實踐之歷程依時間軸之順序為師專時期、初任教師時期、南師附小成立備課Party前期及南師附小成立備課Party後期 二、溫美玉老師課程意識轉化依歷程及內容,在課程本質的認識從教科書即文本轉化至從個人擅長學科語文出發,再轉化至低年級學生角度學習思考,最後為全語文教學;在學科知識的掌握上從教學即技術轉化至聚焦學科本質,調整教學策略,再轉化至從音樂教學啟發跨領域教學,最後為跨領域教學;在教師如何進行教學及學生應該如何學習從教師中心轉化至逐漸轉向學生中心思考,再轉化至因Montessori教學模組影響以學生為中心,最後為因Maslow需求層次影響以學生為中心;在和外界溝通之心智思考與個人實踐行動之批判思考歷程從無轉化至環境敏覺力,再轉化至環境調適度提升,最後為班級活動結合行政政策延伸教學。 三、溫美玉老師教學實踐轉化依歷程及內容,在實施型態,從傳統講述教學轉化至小組討論,再轉化至音樂教學融入語文教學,最後為單元主題教學;在課程內容,從第一、二階段均為教科書中心,再轉化至跨領域教學,最後為跨領域主題式、跨單元;在實施策略,從無轉化至故事教學及提問,再轉化至故事教學、提問及Montessori教學模組,最後為結合班級經營與鷹架運用;在情境感知上,從無轉化至單一到多元,再轉化至結合學校生活情境,最後為結合生活情境與師生平等信任;在教學評量上,從無轉化至紙本到評量,再轉化至最後兩階段均為多元評量;在教學資源,從無轉化至自我精進師專進,再轉化到繪本及圖書館資源。最後為影片、繪本、小說及輔具。 四、溫美玉老師課程意識與教學實踐之關係,自初任教師後期產生交融,而在南師附小成立備課Party前期,兩者交融出跨領域教學之區塊;在南師附小成立備課Party後期,兩者交融區塊最多,尤其以學生為中心之課程與教學之思考最為一致。 五、溫老師成立之溫老師備課Party網路社群之影響為引領老師們進行一場由下而上的體制內溫柔教育改革,藉由紀錄與分享個別的教學案例,激發更多教學創意及提升老師自我專業感知,讓參與的老師藉由網路社群分享,進而實踐到自己的課堂之中。形成自發、互動、共好的自主學習樣貌。也是目前全臺超過十萬人參與最大的教育學習網路社群。 本研究最後提出國語文素養導向教學、教師教學與學生學習互為共構的課室風景、教師自我精進成長改善教學成效、教師社群的形塑與共好及在職進修的助力與師培課程的重要他人之建議,期盼能為我國的108課綱之課程與教學提供一些反思。
The purpose of this study is to explore the transformation process and the relationship between the teacher ’s curriculum consciousness and teaching practice, and to explore the impact of the self-founded Teacher Wen’s online lesson preparation community. I use narrative inquiry to collect data throughsemi-structured interviews, observations, and document analysis. According to the research, the important findings of this study are as follows: A. The course of teacher Wen Meiyu ’s curriculum consciousness and teaching practice is in the order of the timeline: the Junior Teacher College period, the teacher period, the early period and the later period for the founding of lesson preparation party in NUTN Affiliated Primary School. B. Based on the course and content, there are features of the transformation of teacher Wen Meiyu ’s curriculum consciousness. In understanding of the curriculum essence, it is transformed from textbooks and texts to personal proficiency in language, and then to the thinking of lower grade students, finally to the whole language instruction; in terms of mastering of subject knowledge, it is transformed from teaching technology to focusing on the subject essence, adjusting teaching strategies, and then to music inspiring interdisciplinary teaching, and finally to interdisciplinary teaching; in terms of how teachers teach and how students learn the focal point turns from teacher-centered thinking to student-centered thinking gradually, and then turns to student-centered thinking influenced by Montessori teaching module, and finally to student-centered thinking impacted by Maslow's demand level; in terms of the process of mental thinking in communication with the outside world and the critical thinking process of personal practical action, it is transformed from nothing to environmental acuity, then to improvement on environmental adjustment, and finally to extended teaching for class activities combined with administrative policies. C. Based on the course and content, there are also features of the transformation of teacher Wen Meiyu ’s teaching practice. In the implementation mode, the traditional narrative teaching is transformed into group discussion, and then to the integration of music teaching and the Chinese teaching, and finally to the unit topic teaching; in the course content, the text-centered way of the first and second stages is transformed into Interdisciplinary teaching, and finally to cross-domain theme, cross-domain unit; in the implementation strategy, none strategy is transformed to the story teaching and questioning, and then to the story teaching, questioning and Montessori teaching module, and finally to the combination of class management and scaffolding application; in situational awareness, nothingness is transformedto single to multiple, and then to school life situations, and finally to combine life situations and equal trust relationship with the teachers; in teaching evaluation, transformation is from nothing to paper evaluation, and then to the last two stages’ multiple evaluations; in teaching resources, transformation is from nothing to self-improvement teaching training, and then to picture books and library resources, and finally to films, picture books, novels and assistive devices. D. Teacher Wen Meiyu's curriculum consciousness and teaching practice were mingled since the later period as a teacher, and in the early period for the founding of lesson preparation party in NUTN Affiliated Primary School, the two were mingled based on the Interdisciplinary teaching; and in the later period for the founding of lesson preparation party in NUTN Affiliated Primary School, the two were mostly mingled, especially in the student-centered curriculum and teaching thinking on which they cannot agree more. E. The self-founded Teacher Wen’s online lesson preparation community takes a lead to influence teachers to carry out a mild education reform within the system from the bottom to top. By recording and sharing individual teaching cases, it stimulates more teaching creativity and improves the teacher's professional perception, and allows the participating teachers to share in the online community and to practice it in their own classroom, thus forming a spontaneous, interactive, and common good self-study mode. It is also the largest education and learning online community in Taiwan with more than 100,000 people. This study concludes with the Chinese language literacy-oriented teaching, the classroom landscape of teacher teaching and student learning, the self-improvement of teachers, the improvement of teaching effectiveness, the shaping and boosting of on-the-job training of the teacher community, and offering teaching training courses and advancing suggestions from others. I look forward to providing some reflection on the 108 course guideline and teaching in Taiwan.
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