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Title: 職前教師教學實踐經歷與職業認同之研究:中國大陸一所高校為例
A Study of Teaching Practice Experience and Professional Identity of Pre-service Teachers: Take a University in Mainland China for Example
Authors: 郝永崴
Hao, Yung-Wei
Wang, Chi
Keywords: 職前教師
pre-service teachers
professional identity
teaching practice experience
teacher education
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討中國大陸職前教師教學實踐經歷以及職業認同的情形,研究目的為:(1)瞭解當前職前教師教學實踐經歷與職業認同的情形;(2)探究不同背景變項下職前教師職業認同的差異;(3)分析教育實習、支教對其職前教師職業認同影響的差異及預測力情形。本研究採用調查研究法,以中國大陸一所高校為例,採用便利抽樣,共選取該所大學542位職前教師為研究樣本,並進行描述性統計分析、獨立樣本 t考驗、ANOVA以及多元回歸分析。研究結果顯示,職前教師職業認同與教學實踐經歷情形均高於基準分數;師範類職前教師在職業認同所有向度好於非師範類;報考語文、英語、政治、理科學科教師資格證的職前教師職業認同部分向度存在差異;報考教師資格證動機出於自身熱愛以及對教師地位認可的職前教師職業認同更高,而出於同儕、家庭、增多職業選擇、不確定等原因的職前教師職業認同更低;參與教育實習、支教的職前教師的整體職業認同、職業價值與職業意志好於皆未參與的;教育實習、支教均對職前教師職業認同有正向的預測力,並且支教的預測力高於教育實習;教育實習的具體向度中,教學準備和職前教師的態度與行為、教學反思與外部支持兩個向度對職業認同有顯著的正向預測力。研究結果對於師資培育教學實踐環節的設計與安排有一定啟示,能夠為大學、中小學端的師資培育提供改進建議,並且可以幫助職前教師對於自身職涯規劃有更清晰的目標,更積極地參與教學實踐。
The purpose of this study was to explore the teaching practice experience and professional identity of pre-service teachers in mainland China. The purposes of the study were: (1) To investigate the teaching experience and professional identity of pre-service teachers nowadays; (2) To explore the differences of pre-service teachers' professional identity under different background variables; (3) To analyze the difference and predictive power of the influence of educational practice and volunteer teaching on the professional identity of pre-service teachers. In the study, the survey method was adopted. Taking a university in mainland China as an example, convenience sampling was adopted, and data analysis through descriptive statistical analysis, independent sample t test, ANOVA and multiple regression analyses. The results of this study were as follows: 1. The professional identity and teaching practice experience of pre-service teachers were all higher than the benchmark scores. 2. The degree of professional identity of pre-teachers in teacher-oriented majors was better than that of non-teacher-oriented majors. 3. There were some differences in the dimensions of pre-service teacher's professional identity among Chinese, English, politics and science subjects. 4. Pre-service teachers who applied for the teacher qualification certificate for their own passion and recognition of teachers' status had higher professional identity, while those who applied for the teacher qualification certificate for reasons such as peers, family, more career options and uncertainty had lower professional identity. 5. The overall professional identity, professional value and professional will of pre-service teachers who participated in educational practice and volunteer teaching were better than those who did not. 6. Both educational practice and volunteer teaching had positive predictive power for pre-service teachers' professional identity, and the predictive power of volunteer teaching is higher than that of educational practice. For specific dimensions of educational practice, two dimensions of teaching preparation, attitude and behavior of pre-service teachers, teaching reflection and external support have significant positive predictive power for professional identity. The results of the study had some implications for the design and arrangement of teaching practice links of teacher training, which can provide improvement suggestions for the implementation of teacher training in universities and primary and secondary schools, and help pre-service teachers had clearer goals for their career planning and participate in teaching practice more actively.
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