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Title: 在專業發展路上看見希望的曙光-一位初任教師的自我敘說
To See the Dawn of Hope: A Self-narrative Study on Professional Development of a Beginning Teacher
Authors: 湯仁燕
Tang, Ren-Yen
HUNG, Yu-Pei
Keywords: 教師專業成長
teacher professional development process
hope theory
narrative inquiry
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract:   本研究旨在探討初任教師的專業發展歷程,以及在此發展歷程中所會遇到的困境與因應之道,探究研究者如何透過希望理論解決初任教師的困境,並從中獲得何種成長與突破。透過自我敘說的方式,收集初任教師的個人經驗故事,並邀請兩位協作者進行訪談與收集過去的文件資料進行敘事分析。   在研究結果上,發現初任教師的專業發展歷程因研究者的生活故事差異,而有所不同。在師資培育階段的成長呈現緩慢且停滯,實習階段的成長保守且模糊,初任教師階段對現狀感到無能。為了改變感到無能的初任教師現狀,可透過希望感轉化困境。目標、路徑、意志力三者在專業發展歷程上會相互拉扯。初任教師可透過了解自身目標,確立自身追求的教師信念,進而所追求的目標內涵。教師應追求精熟目標而非表現目標。為了達到精熟目標,教師應思考不同的進修方式,精進自己的路徑思考,輔以教師信念的支持,提升自身的意志力思考,便能夠幫助教師在專業發展路途上持續獲得希望。   因此本研究建議初任教師,一是應時時刻刻關注自身專業發展的樣貌,可藉自我書寫,反思自己的狀況與自己所身處的位置,以便安排自身的成長計劃。其二,是追求精熟目標,了解自己想成為一位專業的教師,因而需不斷的學習這件事。也因為想成為專業的教師,必須尋求精進教學的管道以精進自己的路徑思考。並加以尋求意志力支持的來源,以便支持自己不斷的進行專業成長,否則當自己不再擁有想成為教師的意志力時,再多的路徑思考都將使希望歸零。
 This purpose of the study is to explore the professional development process of a beginning teacher, as well as the contradictions encountered during this development process and the corresponding solutions, and to explore how the researcher can solve the contradictions of a beginning teacher through the theory of hope, and to obtain more growth and breakthroughs from it. Through the narrative research, collect the personal experience stories of the beginning teacher, and invite the initial collaborators to conduct interviews and collect past documents for narrative analysis.  According to the content of the research, it is found that the professional development process of a beginning teacher is different due to the differences in the life stories of the researcher. The growth in the teacher training stage is slow and tends to stagnate as less courses are taken, and the growth in the internship stage is conservative and vague. The initial teacher stage's current goals, pathways, and willpower will pull each other in the course of professional development. Beginner teachers can penetrate and understand their own goals and realize their self-pursuing teacher beliefs. Teachers should pursue mastery goals rather than performance goals. In order to achieve mastery goals, teachers should think about different ways of learning and improve their own pathway thinking, supplemented by the support of teachers' beliefs and the enhancement of their own willpower can help teachers continue to gain hope on the way to professional development.  Therefore, this research suggests that beginning teachers should always pay attention to their professional development. They can use self-writing, thinking their own situation and where they are, and brake their own growth plans. The second is the pursuit and because they want to become a professional teacher, they must seek the channels of diligent teaching and diligent thinking in their own way. And trying to find support beliefs, armor supports their continuous professional growth. Otherwise, when they no longer have the willpower to become a teacher, no amount of pathway thinking will make hopes zero.
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