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Title: 教師教學轉化之個案研究-以一所國中專題探究課程為例
A Case Study of a Junior High School Teacher's Pedagogical Transformation in Practicing Project-based Learning
Authors: 卯靜儒
Mao, Chin-Ju
Keywords: 教學轉化
Pedagogical Transformation
Pedagogical Reasoning and Action
Project-based Learning
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討12年國教以素養導向出發,在國中階段發展以專題探究為主的校訂彈性學習課程。當教師面對以學生學習為中心的課程,教師的課程與教學轉化歷程會變什麼樣貌,其如何思考與詮釋;而影響教師進行教學轉化之因素和面對的挑戰有哪些,以及在教學實踐中師生的互動有哪些變化產生,最後教師產生的新理解是什麼。因此本研究在此脈絡下以個案學校的專題探究課程為例,從Shulman(1987)的推理與行動模式觀點,以一位教師的課堂教學為個案,透過觀察課堂、訪談和文件分析的質性研究方法,來探討個案教師教學轉化實踐歷程。研究結果發現,在專題探究課程下,教師的教學轉化(一)轉化和教學實踐互為循環,教師的理解轉化受到學生實際學習狀況相互影響且不斷再調整,形成做中學的循環探究歷程。(二) 師生關係的轉變,當學生學習的樣貌轉為自主探究,教師固有的教學習慣與主導性會產生再理解。(三)教與學的文化增添更多與學生情緒相關以及教師面臨多元角色的轉換等挑戰。
The purpose of this research is to explore the 12-year compulsory education, which literacies-based that schools have developed the inquiry-based alternative curriculum. When teachers face student-centered, what do their curriculum and transform teaching process look like, and how do they think and interpret it? What are the factors that affect teachers' teaching transformation and the challenges they face? What are the changes in the teacher-student interaction in practice, and what is the new understanding that the teachers think? Therefore, in this context, the researcher takes a case study of a junior high school teacher who practices in project-based learning for an example. Through qualitative research methods of classroom observation, interview and document analysis, and then the researcher employs major steps of Shulman's (1987) pedagogical reasoning and action to examine pedagogical transformation of a teacher. The research results found that under the project-based learning, the teacher's teaching transformation are (1) transformation and teaching practice cycle each other, and the teacher's understanding transformation is affected by the actual learning situation of the students and constantly readjusted, forming a cyclic inquiry course with learning by doing. (2) The change of teacher-student relationship. When the appearance of student learning is changed to autonomous inquiry, teacher's inherent teaching habits and dominance will re-understand. (3) The culture of teaching and learning adds challenges related to students' emotions and teacher face multiple role transitions.
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