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Title: 菜鳥扛大任?國小新任教師之教師文化調適歷程研究
Give great responsibilities to newbie teachers? A research on newbie teachers' adjustment process of teacher culture in an elementary school
Authors: 湯仁燕
Tang, Ren-Yen
Su, Sheng-Hui
Keywords: 新任教師
Newbie teachers
Teacher culture
Teachers' professional development
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 近年來,教育學界或實務現場對於初任教師的教職適應日漸重視,強調對初任教師提供專業的教學協助與精神支持,尤其企盼透過同儕力量,導引初任教師積極投入教育志業,及早勝任教職。   教師同儕的交流與提攜,對初任教師的專業發展能發揮一定的影響力,但是並非每位教師都深切體認自己對初任教師專業發展所肩付的責任,事實上,初任教師在學校中可能感受到正向的職場經驗,也可能感受到負向的教師文化,並且採取不同的回應方式,進而導引教師文化的延續或轉變,直接或間接地影響教育的實施和品質。由此可知,初任教師的職場互動與調適歷程值得加以深究。   因此,本研究選定一所基隆市國小作為研究場域,以三位有代理經驗的初任教師作為個案(為貼近他們的經歷,以「新任教師」稱之),採取觀察與訪談方式蒐集資料,期望瞭解新任教師對於教師文化的感受與詮釋,並且尋繹新任教師於教師文化的調適歷程發展,以及分析影響新任教師調適歷程發展的因素。   本研究之主要研究結論如下: 1. 個案教師感受到校內教師間具有「各自為政,甚少合作」、「封閉保守,沉默保身」、「凡事協調,能者多勞」、「長幼有序,媳婦成婆」以及「默默耕耘,互助成長」等文化。 2. 個案教師於教師文化的調適歷程各有不同發展,紅老師是從生存到成長的調適歷程;綠老師擺盪於停滯、成長之間的調適歷程;黃老師則是從成長轉為停滯的調適歷程。 3. 個案教師調適歷程發展的影響因素包括:學校領導者、共事夥伴、學校氣氛、社會期望、個人特質、興趣偏好。
In recent years, there is an emphasis on the adaptation of newbie teachers both in academia and in practice. They focused on providing professional educational assistance and spiritual support, hoping to engage newbie teachers in education and set them up for success in their teaching career with the power of peers.   Sharing and helping between teacher peers can positively impact the professional development of newbie teachers. However, not every teacher has realized their responsibilities to it. In fact, newbie teachers can have positive experiences in the workplace or otherwise. They would respond differently which might lead to changes in teaching culture and directly or indirectly influence education quality. Hence, the adjustment process of teacher culture of newbie teachers is worth investigating.     As a result, three beginning teachers (referred to as ‘newbie teachers’ based on their experiences), who had previously worked as substitute teachers, in an elementary school in Keelung city were chosen as the study cases of this research. Observation and interview data was collected in an attempt to understand newbie teachers’ feeling and interpretation of teacher culture, discover their adjustment process of teacher culture and analyze the factors in play.   The main conclusions of this research are listed below: 1. Study cases revealed that they found there is a lack of cooperation between teachers in the school and they tend to work individually. Only a small group of experienced teachers are willing to share and learn together. In addition, teachers often stay silent and they respect and emphasize on seniority. Tasks are given to colleagues who are more capable. 2. Study cases had various adjustment process of teacher culture. One expressed his process as ‘from survival to growth’; another swayed between pauses and growth; the other changed from growth to a pause. 3. Factors contribute to the adjustment process of teacher culture including: leaders of the school, colleagues, atmosphere of the school, social expectation, personal traits and interests.
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