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Title: 國中小專家教師提升班級歸屬感策略之研究
A study of the strategy in elementary school and junior high school expert teachers to improve the sense of belonging in class
Authors: 張民杰
Zhang, Min-Jie
He, Wen-Shiuan
Keywords: 班級歸屬感
sense of belonging in class
expert teachers
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 班級歸屬感為營造良好班級氣氛的重點,學生心理層面的探究也備受社會重視,研究者發現,國內鮮少以教師角度去探究實際提升班級歸屬感的策略,為此,本研究採半結構式訪談法蒐集六位國中小教師運用何種策略來提升班級歸屬感,輔以查看學生或教師的文本資料作為實施成效的探究。從研究結果與討論中可得到以下結論:壹、具體策略分為四大項 :一、在班級活動方面,善加利用班級大小活動,提升班級歸屬感;二、在物理環境規畫中,教室布置應多元化,立即更新,在座位安排上採異質性分組,增加學生互助合作,提升班級歸屬感;三、在人際互動方面,教師應多陪伴、理解,與看見學生價值;四、在規則方面,無論具體班規或大原則,教師態度皆需一致,使學生感到安全與信任。五、在其他方面,教師以愉快的口吻面對學生,並善用非正式課程的時間,結合自身專長或善用家長資源,可提升額外的班級歸屬感效益。貳、成效方面則滿足了學生心理需求、安全感需求、與班級成員有關聯、自覺有能力達到目標、願意付出心力等指標。 最後,本研究根據研究結果提出對教師的建議:一、藉由辦理有特色的校外教學,使學生形成特別的共同記憶;二、藉由異質性的座位安排使學生可互助共學;三、經常性地更換教室佈置、四、找出每位學生的特長或優點,在適當場合加以表揚;五、確保班規的一致性;六、班服、班呼、班歌,對於短時間運用較無效果,可嘗試長時間帶入。
Sense of belonging in class create good classroom atmosphere, student psychological also be attention in society. Researcher find that the research seldom use the point of expert teachers view to look the strategy of class belonging, so, this study use Semi-structured Interview method to collect six of elementary school and junior high school expert teachers that use what kind of strategies to improve the sense of belonging in class, and supplemented by student or teacher’s text data as the implementation effect of exploration, as the main shaft of this study. Through the discussion of the findings and found that this study concludes the following conclusion: the specific strategies are divided into four categories 1. In class activities, use of class activities to enhance the sense of belonging of the class;2. In the physical environment, the classroom layout should be diversified and immediately updated. Seating arrangement should use heterogeneous grouping adopted in the increase the mutual cooperation among students and enhance the sense of belonging of the class; 3.In interpersonal interaction, teachers can accompany, understand and find the value of students.4.In the rules, no matter specific class rules or major principles, teachers' attitude should be consistent to make students feel safe and trustworthy. 5.In the other side, use cheerful tone, and make good use of informal class time,combine your expertise or make good use of parents' assistance,can enhanced the addition of class belonging benefits. Strategy of effectiveness, it conform students' psychological needs, security needs, association with class members, self-consciousness, have ability to achieve goals, and willingness to pay efforts. Finally, this study get some suggestions for teachers based on the research results1. Holding the special field trip, it can form special common memories for the students; 2. Students can help each other to study together through heterogeneous seating arrangements; 3. Change classroom layout frequently.4, Identify the strengths or weaknesses of each student and praise them on appropriate occasions; 5. Ensure the consistency of class rules; 6. Don’t need to spend too much effort to do. Spend short time to make class clothe, class call, class song is less effective, but can be tried in much of time.
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