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Title: 從核心職能探討教育行政人員考試制度與職前訓練制度—以高考三級及地方特考三等為例
Exploring Educational Administration Examination and Pre-service Training System in Taiwan from the perspective of Core Competence
Authors: 王麗雲
Keywords: 核心職能
educational administration examination
educational administration pre-service training system
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討現行高考三級及地方特考三等教育行政人員考試制度與職前訓練制度,以任職於中央或地方教育機關通過高考三級及地方特考三等的教育行政人員作為研究對象,從核心職能的角度分析考試制度及職前訓練制度,並根據研究結果提出具體建議。 本研究採取質性研究,企圖瞭解教育行政人員所需的核心職能,進而探討現行的考試制度及職前訓練制度,研究對象為中央以及地方教育機關的主管及科員共計18位,進行半結構式訪談及文件分析。本研究的研究結果分為三個部分。 第一部分教育行政人員所需的核心職能,研究發現為: (一)充足的教育以及法律專業知識; (二)良好的溝通表達能力以及文字論述能力; (三)具有邏輯性的思維以及問題解決能力; (四)能夠自我情緒管理並具備抗壓性; (五)擁有教育熱忱及身為教育人的自我認同。 第二部分考試制度篩選的核心職能與限制,研究發現為: (一)能夠篩選出具有邏輯性的文字論述能力的教育行政人員; (二)能夠篩選出熟稔教育專業知識及教育議題的教育行政人員; (三)無法瞭解應試者的工作態度及工作能力; (四)考試科目與教育行政工作產生考用落差。 第三部分職前訓練制度培訓的核心職能與限制,研究發現為: (一)基礎訓練培養人際互動及溝通表達能力; (二)實務訓練培育問題解決及壓力調適能力; (三)集中訓練補強教育專業法令及政策知能; (四)基礎訓練及實務訓練的時序安排降低培訓成效; (五)實務訓練輔導員制度缺乏專業度與支持系統。
The purpose of this study is to explore educational administration examination and pre-service training system from the perspective of core competence. Educational administrators are chosen as the subject. According to the result of this study, specific suggestions are proposed. Qualitative approach was adopted as the research method and the researcher interviewed 18 educational administrators. Through analyzing the semi-structured interviews and relevant documentation, the finding of this study are summarized as follows: 1. The core competence which education administrators must have: (1) Intimate knowledge of education and law (2) Good communication and writing skills (3) Logical thinking and problem-solving ability (4) Good emotional skills and stress management (5) Passion for education and self-identification as the educational administrators 2. Educational administration examination and its relationship with core competence: (1) The candidates with logical thinking and writing skills can be selected. (2) The candidates with intimate knowledge of education can be selected. (3) It is hard to know the candidates’ working skills and attitudes. (4) There is a gap between learning and application. 3. Educational administration pre-service training system and its relationship with core competence: (1) Trainees can improve communication skills and interpersonal relationships. (2) Trainees can improve problem-solving skills and stress management skills (3) Trainees can acquire the knowledge of the education laws and policies. (4) The educational administrator training program is inefficient. (5) The counselor system is lack of proficiency and support systems.
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