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Title: 教育中的身體智慧―身心學觀點之探究
Wisdom in Education‐an Inquiry from the Perspective of Somatics
Authors: 方永泉
Fang, Yung-Chuan
She, Yu-Kuei
Keywords: 身心學
body wisdom
Moshe Feldenkrais
Frederick Matthias Alexander
body transition
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 重要國際組織的新教育論述中,「身體」又再次缺席,「抽象思考與知識」仍舊占據主要地位。當然,這樣的現象其來有自,從古希臘身心二分,且身體屈居心靈之下的傳統開始,教育中的身體就一直是被打壓或試圖排除的對象。所幸,當代「身體轉向」在人文社會學科掀起了一陣風潮,「透過身體思考」,成為人類學、社會學、哲學的熱門話題,部分教育學者也開始運用這樣的觀點來檢視教育活動及教育理論。因此,本研究也希望能夠承接這樣的運動在教育論述中為身體發聲。 本研究透過身心學構念了身體智慧所應具備的特質:覺察的自主性、過程導向的發展性、自利利他的辯證性,同時也梳理了當前學校體育課和舞蹈課的問題、背後的身體觀、以及如何透過身心學的指引改造課程。接著,本研究揭露了學校文化中因為追求效益和秩序導致壓抑身體的問題,期許透過身心學對師生關係的重新定位及心理學中正念校園的做法帶來改變。
In the new educational discourses of important international organizations, "body" again is absent. "Abstract thinking and knowledge" are still dominant issues. Such a phenomenon has its origins. From the tradition of ancient Greece, where the body and mind are divided, with the former being inferior, body in education has always been oppressed and excluded in purpose. Fortunately, the contemporary "body transition" has set off a wave in the humanities and social sciences. "Thinking through the body" has become a subject of general interest in anthropology, sociology, and philosophy. Some educationalists also share this view and examine educational activities and theories. Therefore, this study hopes to undertake such movement to speak for the body in educational discourse. This study conceptualizes body wisdom through Somatics as characteristics of autonomy acquired after awareness, process-oriented development and dialectics of self-interest and altruism. At the same time, it also sorts out the problems and views of the body of current school physical education and dance classes, coming up with the means to transform the curriculum through the guidance of Somatics. Furthermore, this research exposes the problem of repressing the body due to the pursuit of efficiency and order in the school culture. It is hoped that the repositioning of the teacher-student relationship by Somatics and the practice of mindfulness schools in psychology will bring about changes.
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