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Title: 人權教育案例教學法提升國中班級氣氛之研究
A Study on Case Method Teaching of Human Rights Education for Promoting Junior High Classroom Climate
Authors: 黃純敏
Huang, Chuen-Min
Chiang, Pei-Shan
Keywords: 人權教育
case method teaching
classroom climate
human rights education
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 本研究背景因社會層出不窮的人權案例、校園長期存在的人權教育素養不足以及課堂很少以人權教育提升班級氣氛。因此本研究旨在探討人權教育案例教學法提升國中班級氣氛的教學活動設計,對班級氣氛的改變情形及對教師實踐班級經營的成長。 為達上述目的,本研究以臺北市一所公立中學的陽光班(化名)25名學生為課程實施對象,進行兩階段循環的行動研究,共進行11堂班會課及5堂早自習實施人權教育案例教學活動。 本行動研究主要以質性為主、量化為輔。質性資料包含有觀察、訪談、教師省思札記、學生小日記及線上回饋;量化資料有班級氣氛前後測的問卷、人權教育案例教學活動問卷、人權教育應用於班級氣氛問卷、人權教育核心素養之學生自我檢核表。根據資料分析將結果說明如下。 經由研究歷程與討論得出研究結果為: 一、多元形式的人權教育案例教學活動,有助於學生對人權的理解與實 踐。 二、以實體結合線上開班會的複合模式,達成有人權教育的班會課。 三、學生經歷人權教育以多元反饋凝聚出班級共識,正向提升班級人際互 動氣氛。 四、教師的人權教育教學歷程找到可以改善班級學生衝突的良藥。
The background of this study is based on the repeated cases of human rights in society, the long-term existed insufficient competencies for human rights education in schools, and the scarcity of human rights education for promoting classroom climate during class. This study aims to investigate the case method teaching of human rights education for promoting classroom climate in the design of teaching activity, the changes of classroom climate and the developments of the teacher’s practice in class management. To reach the purpose as above mentioned, the subjects of this study consisted of 25 students in an ordinary class named Sunshine class in a junior high school in Taipei City. Case method teaching of human rights education was practiced by two steps of action study during 12 class meetings and 6 morning self-study sessions. In this action study, we utilized qualitative data primarily, supplemented by quantitative data. The qualitative data included classroom observation reports, learning sheets and interviews, teacher’s reflections, diaries of student contact booklets and online feedback. The quantitative data consisted of pretest-posttest questionnaires of the classroom climate scale, questionnaires of case teaching activity for human rights education, feedback questionnaires of applying human rights education for classroom climate, and introspection sheets of core competencies for human rights education. According the analyses of the data, the results of this study are as the followings. 1.Diversified forms of case teaching activity of human rights education can help students understand and practice in human rights. 2.Using combined online and physical class meeting models can achieve the class meeting with human rights education. 3.Students who experience human rights education can cohere class consensus with diversified feedback and can positively promote interpersonal interactions in class. 4.During the teaching process of human rights education, the teacher finds a good remedy for resolving student conflicts in class.
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