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Title: 發展腦性麻痺成人懸吊訓練方案並檢視其對平衡的成效
Development of Suspension Training Programs and its Effects on Balance for Adult Cerebral Palsy
Authors: 佘永吉
Sher, Yung-Ji
Lai, Pei-Yu
Keywords: 腦性麻痺
Cerebral palsy
suspension training programs
static balance
single-subject design
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 肢體障礙佔各障別中人數最多者,特別是腦性麻痺者因損傷或病變引起運動機能障礙,導致肌力較差、姿勢穩定困難、動作控制差,進而影響自理能力、生活品質甚至降低社會參與度,所以適度的運動訓練能增加腦性麻痺者生活中的獨立性及參與度。本研究主要發展適合腦性麻痺者的懸吊訓練方案,並探討介入方案對其平衡能力的影響,以某大專院校腦性麻痺學生做為研究對象,採用單一受試之跨受試多基線設計,研究參與者將進行每週2次,共計9週的評量測驗,介入以懸吊訓練方案,挑選適合腦性麻痺者的9組動作,有飛翔式、仰臥橋式、伏臥橋式、抬髖平衡式、捲腹毛蟲式、仰臥捲腹式、仰臥單槓式;研究工具:自編懸吊訓練方案、足底壓力量測系統、柏格氏平衡量表,所得資料數據以視覺分析及C統計方法進行分析。 本研究結論如下: 一、能發展適合腦性麻痺成人的懸吊訓練方案。 二、腦性麻痺者經過懸吊訓練方案介入後,能提升其靜態平衡能力,具 有立即效果及維持效果 三、腦性麻痺者經過懸吊訓練方案介入後,柏格氏平衡量表未出現顯著 變化。 研究除了對數字資料分析外,最後依據研究結果提供未來相關研究執行及專業人員建議。
Cerebral palsy due to injury or disease caused by motor dysfunction, resulting in poor muscle strength, difficult posture stabilization, poor movement control, which in turn affects self-care ability, quality of life and even reduces social participation. This study established individualized design and development of suspension training program for cerebral palsy patients. The study investigated the effects of suspension training on balance ability of cerebral palsy adults, with data collected from a sample of three cerebral palsy adults. Cerebral palsy adults were used as the research subject, and a single-subject research method of multiple-baseline design was used. Then, the participants receive suspension training for 8 weeks, and two times a week, forty minutes each, for a total of 8 suspension training programs. Research tools included a tailored suspension training, Footscan Pressure Measurement Systems and Berg Balance Scale(BBS). Visual Analysis Method and C statistics were applied in data analysis. The conclusions are as follows: 1. suspension training programs can be individualized design and developed suitable for cerebral palsy. 2. Suspension training programs shows statistically significant difference in improve static balance with immediate and maintainable effects. 3. Berg Balance Scale did not show significant changes after the suspension training programs. According to the results of the study, some discussion and practical suggestions are providing.
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