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Title: 故宮書畫檢索系統之搜尋即學習行為研究
A Study on Searching as Learning Behaviors in an Antique Digital Archive Retrieval System for Paintings and Calligraphy
Authors: 吳怡瑾
Wu, I-Chin
Luo, Jing-Wen
Keywords: 數位典藏資料檢索系統
Antique digital archive retrieval system
Information searching process
Learning style
Searching as learning
Task performance
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 本研究以國立故宮博物院「書畫典藏資料檢索系統」為對象,邀請博物館愛好者與系統潛在使用族群。研究目的在於瞭解不同學習風格使用者在不同型態任務中搜尋行為,檢索期間是否能引發學習行為以及「書畫典藏資料檢索系統」對於任務的支援性。研究運用「資訊搜尋即學習」理論,了解使用者在資訊搜尋過程的搜尋與學習特徵與使用者與系統的互動情形,探究其搜尋歷程是否發生學習。研究並輔以Kolb學習風格量表招募涵蓋四種不同學習風格的12位使用者進行施測,而學習任務依照Bloom教育目標分類知識向度事實、事實與概念以及概念與後設認知設計三項學習任務。簡要說明研究結果如下:(1)搜尋、學習指標與任務表現關聯性高、(2)先備知識與任務表現具有決定性影響、(3)學習風格與資訊搜行為具有關聯性,其中同化與調適型學習者有較佳的任務表現與(4)系統資源豐富性對於任務的支持度影響使用者的任務表現。此外,結果也證實搜尋即學習之概念,使用者的資訊搜尋歷程可反映在搜尋與學習指標並與任務的統合呈現有正向的關聯;研究並可由使用者角度評估典藏系統,研究獲得的結果可提供典藏系統改善之參考。
This study aims to explore users’ search and learning behaviors via the use of an antique digital archive retrieval system for paintings and calligraphy maintained by the National Palace Museum. We aim to discover how learning occurs during the search process with the support of the system.Accordingly, we examine the search behaviors of users with different learning styles for different types of tasks. The research recruited 12 potential users of the system with different learning styles and levels of prior knowledge for each task. The study adopts the theory of "Searching as Learning" to understand the users’ search and learning behaviors during the information search process. Moreover, three learning tasks are designed based on Bloom’s taxonomy. The results of the study show that (1) the users’ task performance can be reflected by the proposed search and learning indicators; (2) prior knowledge and task performance have a decisive influence on task performance; (3) learning style is related to information search behavior, especially for assimilator and accommodator learners who achieve better task performance; and (4) the richness of the system resources for the task will affect the users’ task performance significantly. In summary, the research results confirm the concept of searching as learning, i.e., learning occurs during the search process and then influences task performance. The research examines the effectiveness of the system from the perspective of users’ search processes and learning outcomes. The results can provide a reference for the improvement of the antique digital archive retrieval system for paintings and calligraphy.
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