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Title: 以文學圈進行小組討論對於高中生英文閱讀能力及興趣影響之研究
The Effects of Applying Literature Circles on English Reading Ability and Interest for Students in a Senior High School
Authors: 陳昭珍
Chen, Chao-Chen
Cho, Chia-Yu
Keywords: 適性閱讀
Adaptive Reading
Literature Circles
English Reading Instruction
Reading Interest
Reading Ability
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract:   本研究以新北市立丹鳳高中的合作教學個案進行分析,探究將文學圈小組討論的學習方式融入「英文閱讀自主學習」課程教學中,分析文學圈小組討論方式是否可以有效地提升高中生英文閱讀能力及英文課外閱讀興趣,以協助高中生建立英文閱讀自主學習模式。研究採用前實驗研究法之單組前後測設計,對於受測對象施以兩個學期的文學圈小組討論引導,並經由測驗分數與量表之前後測差異,瞭解文學圈小組討論是否可以提升高中生之英文閱讀能力及閱讀英文讀本的興趣。併同於每學期末進行訪談,以進一步探知學生對於英文閱讀採用文學圈小組討論方式的想法和建議。   研究結果顯示:(一)文學圈討論方式不容易在短時間內看到學習成效;(二)學生認為文學圈討論方式能減少查單字情形,但經由閱讀策略的前後測比較結果,卻沒有明顯差異;(三)學生認為文學圈討論可帶來成就感並能促進閱讀興趣,且前後測比較結果呈現閱讀成就感與閱讀心得分享有顯著差異;(四)多數學生對於文學圈討論方式能提升英文閱讀能力與閱讀興趣持正面看法。
The study analyzes the case of cooperative teaching in Danfeng Senior High School in New Taipei City. The intention of this paper is to explores the learning method of literature circles group discussion in the teaching of " Self-directed Learning of English Reading" course. The purpose of the study is to analyze whether the literature circles group discussion can effectively improve the English reading ability and the interest of senior high school students in English extracurricular reading, so as to assist senior high school students to establish a self-directed learning mode of English reading. This study adopts a pre-experimental research method of single-group pre-test and post-test design. Two semesters of literature circles group discussion are used to guide the subjects, and the difference between the test scores and the scale before and after the test is used to understand whether the literature circles group discussion can be improved senior high school students’ English reading ability and interest in reading English books. Interviews are also conducted at the end of each semester to further explore students’ opinions and suggestions on the use of literature circles group discussions in English reading. The results of the study were that: (1) It is not easy to see the results of learning in a short period of time for the discussion method in the literature circles. (2) Students think that the discussion method in the literature circles can reduce to look up dictionary, but the results of the pre-test and post-test comparison of the reading strategy are not significant differences. (3) Students believe that discussion in the literature circles can promote a sense of accomplishment and reading interest, and the results of the pre-test and post-test comparison show that there are significant difference between the reading achievement sense and the reading experience sharing. (4) Most students hold positive views that the way of discussion in literature circles can improve English reading ability and reading interest.
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