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Title: 出版社FACEBOOK粉絲專頁內容特性對於讀者品牌態度影響之研究
A Study on The Effect of Publishers’ Facebook Fan Pages Contents on Readers’ Brand Attitude
Authors: 柯皓仁
Ke, Hao-Ren
Lien, Yung-Han
Keywords: 出版社
Facebook Fan Pages
Post Characteristics
Brand Attitudes
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 本研究由出版社Facebook粉絲專頁內容特性對於讀者品牌態度之影響來探討粉絲專頁之行銷效果。依據過往研究,本研究將粉絲專頁內容特性分為三大面向:娛樂性、資訊性與互動性;品牌態度則依照態度三成分論分為認知、情感與行為三個衡量面向。 本研究採用發放網路問卷之方式進行研究,發放對象為有追蹤出版社粉絲專頁之Facebook使用者,最後共回收353份有效問卷。研究結果發現,粉絲專頁內容特性中的娛樂性、資訊性與互動性皆對於品牌態度有正向的影響且具有解釋力。於認知與情感面向中,最具解釋力的為資訊性,於行為面向中,最具解釋力的為娛樂性。 另外,本研究建議出版社於粉絲專頁中發布貼文時,可結合時事、流行趨勢或梗圖,創造話題性並提升讀者與粉絲專頁之互動,並且多加提供最新的書籍或作者資訊,增加讀者瀏覽粉絲專頁貼文的機率,並且以此招攬新的讀者加入,以達到提高曝光率的目的。
This analysis tries to explore the marketing effect of publishers’ Facebook fan pages by surveying the influences of fan pages’ posts on costumers’ behaviors. Based on the existing research results, this analysis classifies posts’ characteristics into entertaining, informational, and interactions; divides brand attitudes to cognitive, affective, and conative aspects. This analysis’s research method is an on-line questionnaire. The survey participants are followers of publishers’ fan pages. 353 questionnaires were collected. The analysis result shows that entertaining, informational, and interactive characters have positive influences on brand attitudes and have explanatory power. At cognitive and affective levels, information has the best explanatory power. At the conative level, entertainment has the best explanatory power. This analysis also suggests that publishers should improve posts’ appearances and enrich information of writers and books to increase readers’ visits and attract new readers, thus enhancing exposure rate.
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