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Title: 運用科技接受模型探討大學生使用「LINE@圖書館生活圈」行為意圖之研究-以「國立臺灣戲曲學院」為例
A Study on the Attitude and Behavioral Intention of Line@ library: National Taiwan College of Performing Arts as an Example
Authors: 陳昭珍
Wu, Chiu-Hui
Keywords: LINE@圖書館生活圈
Collection Catalog
Technology Acceptance Model(TAM)
Structural Equation Modeling(SEM)
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 圖書館館藏目錄是讀者找尋圖書館資源的重要管道。隨著智慧型手機普遍,讀者愈來愈依賴透過手機訪問線上資源,然而,行動服務的應用與社群媒體的盛行驅動了圖書館環境的改變。LINE是近年臺灣最受歡迎的即時通訊應用程式與社群媒體平台之一,亦是現代人日常生活與學習工作中,重要的溝通聯繫管道。有愈來愈多圖書館透過「LINE@ 圖書館生活圈」的建置提供讀者館藏查詢、個人借還紀錄、電子資源檢索、活動公告、新書等圖書館相關服務,不僅提高館藏資源使用率,也促進圖書館與讀者之間互動。 為探究大學生對館藏目錄與社群媒體結合的看法與態度,運用科技接受模型調查大學生使用「LINE@ 圖書館生活圈」的使用態度與行為意圖。本研究以國立臺灣戲曲學院大學生為研究對象,採用「問卷調查法」,共獲得158份有效問卷,並以結構方程模型與訪談研究對象的內容進行分析。根據本研究結果顯示,大學生使用「LINE@ 圖書館生活圈」的認知易用性會正面影響認知有用性與使用態度;認知有用性會正面影響使用態度;使用態度會正面影響使用意願;認知易用性會正面影響使用意願。然而,認知有用性對使用意願的影響效果不顯著,影響因素可能與學校屬性相關。訪談分析的結果得知,大學生最常使用的功能包含館藏查詢、借閱證、個人書房皆與圖書館借閱流通相關,一致認為「LINE@ 圖書館生活圈」具有方便性,學生隨時可用的便利性。關於持續使用系統的關鍵要素,他們會考量系統持續穩定的運作、推撥通知發送的頻率、操作介面友善的程度等。
The library collection catalog is an important way for patrons to search library resources. With the popularity of smartphones, patrons increasingly rely on their mobile phones to access online resources, and furthermore, mobile services and social media applications also drive changes in the library environment. LINE is one of the most popular instant messaging applications and social media platforms, as well as an important communication channel for people in daily lives or work in Taiwan. More libraries are using "LINE @Library" to provide library services such as library catalog search, personal account records, E-resources search, event announcements, new books, etc. These services not only increase the usage of library collection resources but also promote interaction between libraries and patrons. In order to investigate the perceptions and attitudes of university students towards the combination of library catalogs and social media, this study applied the technology acceptance model to investigate the attitudes and behavioral intentions of university students in using "LINE @Library". A total of 158 valid questionnaires of the university students of National Taiwan College of Performing Arts were obtained. Besides, this study adopted the structural equation model to analyze interview results. According to this study, the perceived ease of use of LINE @Library by university students positively influenced their perceived usefulness and attitudes; perceived usefulness positively affected their attitudes; attitudes and perceived ease of use both positively affected their willingness to use. However, the effect of perceived usefulness on willingness to use was not significant, the circumstance may be related to their learning background. Results of the interview indicated that university students most often use features related to borrow books, including collection search, library card, and personal study. Besides, they highly agree the convenience of LINE @Library. Regarding the key factors for continuous use of the system, university students will consider the stability of the system, the frequency of sending push notifications, and the friendliness of the user interface.
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