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Title: 國中生動機涉入之分類結構及其相關因素探討
Other Titles: The Classification and Related Factors of Motivational Engagement for Junior mgh School Students
Authors: 張映芬
Biing-Lin Cherng
Issue Date: Dec-2011
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理學系
Department of Educational Psychology, NTNU
Abstract: 當代教育心理學對學習動機的研究可區分動機信念、動機涉入、動機策略三大領域,但是針對動機涉入的研究較少,且國內外的研究也尚無動機涉入之分類架構。因此,本研究試圖建構動機涉入的分類架構,考驗其與觀察資料的適配度,並進一步建構「動機涉入模式」探討成就動機、動機涉入與學業成就之關係。受試者取自台灣地區1224名國二學生,所蒐集的資料以結構方程模式進行分析。研究結果顯示:一、本研究所建構「動機涉入二階驗證性因素分析模式」獲得觀察資料支持。二、本研究所建構的「動機涉入模式」獲得觀察資料支持,且變項間關係的假定亦獲得支持:求成需求能正向預測適應性動機涉入,負向預測不適應性動機涉入;避敗需求能正向預測不適應性動機涉入;適應性動機涉入能正向預測學業成就,不適應性動機涉入則負向預測學業成就。本研究根據研究結果在理論及實務上的涵義進行討論,並提出未來的建議。
Contemporary esearch in learning motivation can be divided into three domains: motivational belief, motivational engagement, and motivational strategy. However, research on motivational engagement is few and lacks a structural model This study addresses several purposes: First, we seek to verify the goodness of fit between empirically observed data and the second order confirmatory factory analysis model of motivational engagement proposed by the authors. Second, we analyze the relationships among achievement motivation, motivational engagement and academic achievement. Participants were 1224 junior high school students. Data were analyzed using structural equation modeling with the LISREL computer program. The following results were obtained: (a) the second order confirmatory factor analysis model of motivational engagement fit the observed data well. (b) Need for achievement positively predicted adaptive motivational engagement and negatively predicted maladaptive motivational engagement. Need to avoid failure positively predicted maladaptive motivational engagement. Adaptive motivational engagement positively predicted academic achievement, and maladaptive motivational engagement negatively predicted academic achievement. Implications for theory, practice and further research were discussed.
Other Identifiers: 19C428C8-6B60-E41E-15E2-CF635BCAE01B
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