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Title: 大學生同性友誼品質之內涵驗證及性別差異分析
Other Titles: The Confirmation of the Connotation ofSame-Sex Friendship Quality and Analysis of the Gender Differences among University Students
Authors: 趙梅如
Mei-Ru Chao
Shyh-Yih Wang
Issue Date: Jun-2013
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理學系
Department of Educational Psychology, NTNU
Abstract: 友誼是社會關係中很受重視的人際關係。若依據Eriolson的觀點,個體生命的發展任務直到青年期,真正進入與人建立關係的「親密對疏離」,就目前的年齡而言,大學生正是這個時期的發展個體。如果友誼在個體的生命實現中如此重要,那麼,在台灣地區的大學生會有怎樣的友誼品質?友誼有什麼性別差異嗎?大部分的研究顯示女生的社會情感興趣高於男生,重視彼此的親密分享與感受;男生則著重於社會工具性,對於從事具體活動的為活躍。本研究旨在探討同性友誼品質之內涵驗證及性別差異分析,並以台灣地區463位大學生為研究對象。本研究結果發現如下:1.同性友誼品質之內涵為交心、義氣、默契、扶持:2.除了義氣顯現無差異外,其餘交心、默契與扶持之同性友誼品質,女生皆高於男生;3.對於同性友誼品質之重視,男生依序為交心、扶持、義氣、默契。女生依序為扶持、交心、義氣、默契;不論男生或女生,交心與扶持皆為最被重視的同性友誼品質,而默默皆為四項友誼品質中之最後者,從研究結果發現台灣地區大學生的同性友誼與國外的發現有著相異的趣味。
Friendship is the most respectful relationship among social relations. According to Erikson's conceptual theory, an individual's life mission develops until the adolescent age. University students are at the stage of constructing the relationships among people's "intimacy vs. isolation". If friendships are such important aspects of one's life, what are the friendship qualities for Taiwanese university students? Are there gender differences in friendships? Most of the studies have shown that girls are interested in the social situations and respect each other's intimate sharing and feelings more than boys and; boys focus more on social tools and are more actively engaged in specific activities. The goal of this study is to confirm the connotation of same-sex friendship quality and analyze gender differences based on 463 university students in Taiwan. The results indicated: (I) The connotation of same-sex fiiendship quality includes genuineness, personal loyalty, tacit understanding, and support. (2) Except personal loyalty, female students show higher agreement on the connotation of the same-sex friendship quality, such as genuineness, tacit understanding, and support, than male students. (3) In terms of the importance of these same-sex friendship qualities, for male students, the order is as follows: genuineness, suppoort, personal loyalty, and tacit understanding. For female students, the order is support, genuineness, personal loyalty, and tacit understanding. Across both genders, genuineness and support are the most emphasized same-sex friendship qualities, and tacit understanding is the least emphasized one among the four same-sex friendship qualities. Based on the research results, Taiwanese university students' same-sex friendship values have interesting differences compared with studies from other countries.
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