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Title: 低社經家庭親子共讀文字指涉策略介入對幼兒語文能力、閱讀興趣之影響
Effects of Print Referencing Strategies during Joint Book Reading on Preschoolers’ Language Abilities and Reading Interest in Low SES Families
Authors: 張鑑如
Chang, Chien-Ju
Lai, Shu-Yu
Keywords: 低社經家庭
low socioeconomic families
parent child book reading
print referencing strategy
reading interest
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 本研究目的為探討低社經家庭親子共讀文字指涉策略介入對幼兒語文能力、閱讀興趣之影響。研究對象為就讀臺北市公立幼兒園,共20名5至6歲幼兒與其主要照顧者。本研究首先以幼兒接受性詞彙理解、文字與書本概念、一般識字、目標字辨識、閱讀興趣進行前測,並將親子分配至兩組:實驗組(文字指涉策略介入)與控制組(無共讀策略介入),每組各10對親子。在幼兒園場域進行9週親子共讀方案介入,共讀3本圖畫書。介入結束後,進行幼兒語文能力與閱讀興趣的後測,比較兩組幼兒前、後測各項表現差異,並以檢核表分析家長共讀行為的情形。研究結果如下: 一、實驗組家長在參與親子共讀文字指涉策略介入方案期間,其使用文字指涉策略的表現呈現維持的效果。 二、實驗組家長共讀行為在「書本概念」、「文字概念」顯著高於控制組家長;控制組家長共讀行為在「故事討論」顯著高於實驗組家長。 三、低社經家庭幼兒在參與親子共讀文字指涉策略介入方案後,其文字與書本概念、一般識字與目標字辨識能力有顯著進步,幼兒的接受性詞彙理解能力與閱讀興趣則無顯著影響。 最後根據研究結果,對學校教師、家長與未來研究提出建議。
This study examined effects of print referencing strategies during joint book reading on preschoolers’ language abilities and reading interest in low SES families. The participates were enrolled in public kindergartens in Taipei City. A total of 20 preschoolers aged 5 to 6 years and their primary caregivers participated in this study. This study first conducted pretests on receptive vocabulary comprehension, print awareness, general word recognition, target word recognition, and reading interest. The parents and children were evenly assigned to two groups: the experimental group (i.e., word referencing strategy intervention group) and the control group (i.e., no intervention strategy group), 10 parent-child pairs in each group. The experimental group participated parent-child reading programs for 9 weeks, and they were asked to read 3 picture books. After the intervention, posttests of the children’s language abilities and reading interest were performed. The performance between the two groups of pretests and posttests was compared, and a checklist was used to analyze the parents’ reading behavior. The results of the present study are as follows: 1.The parents of the experimental group continued using print referencing strategies during intervention. 2.The experimental group received significantly higher scores in book and print concepts tests than those of the control group, and the parents in the control group had significantly more story discussion than the experimental group. 3.After participating in the print referencing strategy program, the performance of the experimental group in print awareness, general word recognition, target word recognition was improved significantly, while their receptive vocabulary ability and reading interest were not significantly different between the pretest and the posttest. According to the findings, suggestions were made for school teachers, parents and future research.
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