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Title: 讓幼兒聊出深度-幼兒操作開放式學習軟體的談話類型
Exploring young children’s talk in the context of playing with an open-ended app
Authors: 賴文鳳
Lai, Wen-Feng
Kuo, Fu-Hsuan
Keywords: 談話類型
open-ended app
collaborative learning
children’s talk
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討透過小組共同操作iPad開放式學習軟體,幼兒合作完成指定任務過程中的談話類型及在不同任務下談話類型的差異。本研究讓三十位幼兒兩人一組,共同操作iPad開放式學習軟體,合作完成六次指定任務,以分析幼兒在操作iPad開放式學習軟體過程中與任務相關的談話內容。參與研究之幼兒平均年齡為6歲2個月,男女各15人。研究蒐集幼兒的語料後進行轉譯、編碼及分析。本研究透過描述性統計及卡方檢定來探討幼兒的談話類型及在不同任務下,談話類型的差異。本研究依文獻及正式研究中參與者真實的語料,增修並確立透過小組操作iPad開放式學習軟體,幼兒合作完成指定任務過程中的談話類型。研究結果發現幼兒在六次的任務操作中,所產生與任務相關的談話類型共計十四種。其中以「累積性談話-建立共識」的談話類型出現的比例最高,其次為「累積性談話-個性化」,比例最少的是「探索性談話-辯論」的談話類型,顯示iPad開放式學習軟體可以支持幼兒創造對話的機會,但幼兒需要透過教師的引導及示範,才能夠提升探索性談話技能的運用。而在不同的任務下,透過小組共同操作iPad開放式學習軟體,幼兒合作完成指定任務過程中的談話類型有所差異。本研究根據分析結果,提出幼兒教育人員在未來教學上的建議,並針對本研究之限制,提出未來研究之建議。
The purpose of the study is to discuss the types of talk that children operate the iPad open-ended app. In this study, thirty preschool children of age from five to six years were divided in to paired and played iPad open-ended app 6 times with tasks in seven weeks. During the conversations from each group were video and audio taped. With reference to the related studies, the types and definitions of the talking type coding system were formed. The framework was established with the transcribed text of the actual verbal interactions of the participants in this study. According to the analysis of the research data, this study found that types of talk can be identified with 14 categories. The research found the consensus type in the cumulative talk is the most common phenomenon, and the second one is the individualized type of cumulative talk. Negotiated type of exploratory talk rare occurred among the data. Student talk data demonstrated, the iPad open-ended app helps children to develop a high level of on-task conversation. On the other hand, helping students build master skills of using exploratory talk is necessary. The results of this study are summarized into suggestions for educators and researchers in this field.
Other Identifiers: G0000062105
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