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Title: 華語學術寫作的說服策略分析與教學應用
The Analysis and Application of the Persuasion Strategies in Chinese Academic Writing
Authors: 謝佳玲
Hsieh, Chia-Ling
Chi, Sun-Li
Keywords: 學術寫作
academic writing
persuasion strategy
writing course
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 學術寫作的結果與討論章節中,作者需呈現客觀結果並加入主觀解釋,以說服讀者接受其新學說,目前已知研究者經常運用後設論述標記作為組織文本、調整確信程度的策略,文獻也證實,此策略能有效提高說服力。在後設論述標記的分類中,示證、強調與模糊標記被認為是能提高文本說服力的標記類別。西方學界相關研究眾多,但華語領域中對後設論述的研究仍有發展空間。後設論述標記經常受到語言、學科、論文章節的影響,因此本研究擬分析華語的政治、經濟、文化期刊論文語料,以檢視結果與討論章節中標記的形式、功能、學科差異及分布情形,另亦設計語感實驗,調查母語者對於標記的語感,以證實標記能有效提高說服力。 本研究語料皆取自科技部所認可的政治、經濟、文化期刊論文,每個學科選擇20篇論文,共計60篇論文。透過語料分析,本文歸納出示證標記具有引用學者、引用觀點與表明立場的功能;強調標記可以強調命題程度與命題真實性;模糊標記則可以緩和力度、保留變動空間。實驗結果顯示,強調標記、模糊標記的分布情形在三個學科中大致相似,僅示證標記在數量分布上有顯著差異;實驗數據亦顯示示證、強調標記皆能有效提高命題說服力,但模糊標記中標明緩和、變動程度若過高,可能導致命題說服力下降。本文以前述研究結果進行華語學術寫作的教學設計,期能提高學習者以示證、強調、模糊標記作為說服策略的應用程度。
In academic writings, result and discussion chapter reveals results and author’s explanation to persuade readers. Research shows that using metadiscourse markers increases persuasion. Evidential markers, boosters, and hedges are well known as persuasion strategies, and the forms are influenced by languages, disciplines, and chapters. In order to figure out what forms, function, and the distribution of markers in journals, the study built a corpus that was composed of 60 articles which were extracted from journals in the fields of Politics, Economics, and Culture. The present study also contains an intuitive experiment which aims to test the native speakers’ sense of discourse markers. The data analysis shows that the function of evidential markers is quoting literature and showing the author’s attitude as well. Boosters emphasize the degree and the truth of propositions. Hedges, however, ease the power of propositions, and also preserve the room for change. The distribution of boosters is similar to hedges, which means the differences mainly lies in evidential markers. The experiment shows that evidential markers and boosters increase persuasion of propositions. On the opposite, hedges that ease too much power and preserve changes sometimes reduce persuasion. The study is intended to enhance the use of markers as persuasion strategy in academic writing.
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