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Title: 文化涵化與華語雙關語理解之相關性:以臺灣僑生為例
Investigating the Relationship between Acculturation and the Ability to Understand Puns in Mandarin for Overseas Chinese Students in Taiwan
Authors: 謝佳玲
Hsieh, Chia-Ling
Wu, Yen-Ming
Keywords: 文化涵化
overseas Chinese student
reading comprehension
teaching Chinese as a second language
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract:   雙關語的歷史悠久且應用層面廣泛,從習俗禮儀、文藝創作到創新吸睛,涵蓋了不同的主題和範疇,在華人的日常生活中相當常見,也是華語的一大特色。隨著近年來「新南向政策」的推廣,來臺學習華語的東南亞國籍僑生也越來越多。僑生從小在華人文化的家庭背景中成長,是為一種「文化涵化」,然而探討僑生的文化涵化程度與他們對於華語雙關語理解程度的研究仍不多見。   本研究的測驗問卷題型分為兩部分:文化涵化問卷乃根據SMAS(Stephenson, 2000)與ASVA(Huong Nguyen& Alexander Eye, 2002)的文化涵化量表進行改良,製作成本研究的文化涵化量表;華語雙關語閱讀測驗則是參考國家華語測驗推動工作委員會的華語文閱讀測驗,修改製作成本研究的雙關語閱讀測驗。施測對象以國立臺灣師範大學僑生先修部107學年度在學之僑生為受試者,隨機挑選五個班進行施測。   研究結果顯示,文化涵化程度與華語雙關語理解能力呈現一定程度的相關,亦即僑生的華人文化成長背景確實為其華語雙關語理解能力帶來優勢。但從研究結果中也可以看出僑生的弱項,例如僑生的否定式敘述題型與文字敘述題型得分較低、僑生的華語讀寫能力較弱等等。本文將研究結果應用於華語雙關語理解的教學活動與教案設計上。
Puns have a long history and a wide range of applications. They cover different topics and categories from custom etiquette, literary and artistic creation to eye-catching innovation. They are quite common in the daily life of Chinese people, and are also a feature of Chinese. With the promotion of the "New Southward Policy" in recent years, more and more overseas Chinese students of Southeast Asian nationality have come to Taiwan to learn Chinese. Overseas Chinese students grew up in the family background of Chinese culture as a kind of "acculturation". However, research on the degree of acculturation of overseas Chinese students and their understanding of Chinese puns is still rare. The questionnaire type of this study is divided into two parts: The acculturation questionnaire is improved based on the acculturation scale of SMAS (Stephenson, 2000) and ASVA (Huong Nguyen& Alexander Eye, 2002). The Chinese pun reading test is a reference to the test of the Steering Committee for the Test of Proficiency-Huayu to modify the pun reading test. For the test subjects, students from the Division of Preparatory Programs for Overseas Chinese Students of National Taiwan Normal University for the 107 academic year were selected as subjects, and five classes were randomly selected for testing. The results of this study show that the degree of acculturation is related to the Chinese pun comprehension ability to a certain extent, that is, the background of the Chinese cultural growth of overseas Chinese students does bring advantages to their Chinese pun comprehension ability. However, the weak points of overseas Chinese students can also be seen from the research results. For example, the scores of negative narrative questions and written narrative questions of overseas Chinese students are low, and their ability to read and write Chinese is weak. This article applies the research results to the teaching activities and lesson plans of Chinese pun comprehension.
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