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Title: 高齡者穩定就業之經驗初探
A Preliminary Study on the Experiences of Stable Employment for the Elderly
Authors: 王永慈
Wang, Yeong-Tsyr
Wang, Li-Ning
Keywords: 老人
Old People
Elderly People
Stable Employment
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 本研究係由六位「六十五歲以上且達穩定就業達三個月以上之高齡受雇者」作為研究對象,分別為三位男性、三位女性,進行深度訪談,瞭解高齡者穩定就業者之經驗,以及探討其經濟安全、生理健康、心理健康、社會網絡、困境與建議這五層面的情形,研究發現如下: 壹、高齡者的穩定就業經驗過程 一、職業情形:高齡者從事的職業內容與過去大致相同,並且擁有專業相比非專業者在薪資與升遷上較佳。 二、就業情形:高齡者的就業原因涉及個人(生理、心理、經濟)與制度層面,職務再設計與在職訓練對於高齡者能夠穩定就業有所幫助。 三、退休情形:優退制度方案會吸引提早退休,且退休後再就業的年齡以 65歲之前居多,而擁有專業相比非專業者於退休後更容易轉換工作,目前高齡者會依體能狀況來評估將來要退休的年齡。 貳、高齡穩定就業者各層面的情形 一、經濟安全:固定的工作收入對家庭有經濟需求、退休金為一次給付性的高齡穩定就業者來說,比較有保障和經濟安全感。 二、生理健康:高齡穩定就業者皆有良好的健康狀態,並且可以藉由工作來保持身體的活動。 三、心理健康:高齡穩定就業者偶爾會因家庭、工作、政治的事情而有一些負面情緒,但他們會透過正向態度、休閒娛樂、工作活動、人際互動來保持心情愉快,並且擁有良好的心理素質面對工作上的困境。 四、社會網絡:高齡穩定就業者尋職的人脈多來自職場,並且可自職場上得到工具性、情緒性、資訊性的支持,至於下班後也會參加其它的活動,並且女性多於男性。 五、困境與建議:高齡者有求職困難、勞動條件不佳、任用年齡限制的問題,建議高齡就業者要先自我評估身體狀況、培養多方面的知識專長、評估勞動條件是否合宜;建議雇主要與高齡就業者建立良好溝通、消除年齡歧視、安排合適工作;建議政府放寬年齡限制、創造友善老人的職場環境。
The study was conducted by six "employed persons over the age of 65 who have reached stable employment for more than three months". Three males and three females were interviewed in depth to understand the stable employment of senior citizens. The experience and the five aspects of its economic security, physical health, mental health, social network, dilemma and recommendations are as follows: 1. The process of stable employment experience for the elderly (1) Occupational situation: The current occupational content of the elderly is the same as in the past, and the professional elderly have better salary and promotion. (2) Employment situation: The reasons for employment of the elderly involve personal and institutional aspects. Job re-design and on-the-job training are helpful for the stable employment of the elderly. (3) Retirement situation: The preferential retirement system will attract the elderly to retire early. Most of the reemployment after retirement is before the age of 65. It is easier for a professional elderly to switch jobs after retirement. Older people over 65 will assess the age of retirement according to their physical condition. 2. Situations of five levels of stable employment (1) Economic security:For the elderly who have financial needs and receive a one-off pension, work income helps them have a sense of security and economic security. (2) Physical health:They are in good health and can maintain physical activity through work to maintain health. (3) Mental health:They may occasionally have some negative emotions due to family, work, and political matters, but they will maintain a happy mood through positive attitudes, leisure and entertainment, work activities, and interpersonal interactions, and have a good psychological quality to face work. (4) Social network:The old people looking for a job come from the workplace, and they can get social support from the workplace. After work, the female elderly will participate in other activities than the male elderly. (5) Difficulties and Suggestions: The elderly have problems with job hunting, poor working conditions, and age restrictions, and make recommendations to the elderly, businesses, and governments based on these issues.
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