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Title: 眷村保存下的族群政治-以桃園市移民博物館計畫為例
Ethnic Politics and Cultural Heritage Conservation of Military Dependents’ Village—a Case Study of the Migration Museum in Taoyuan, Taiwan
Authors: 江柏煒
Chiang, Bo-Wei
Wu, Pei-Tze
Keywords: 戰後移民
post-war immigrant
new immigrant
cultural policy
community empowerment
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 桃園,作為臺灣多元族群的代表城市之一;也在多元族群背景下,桃園政府致力於各族群的治理。而桃園為全國眷村戶數第二多的城市,在眷村面臨拆遷下,憲光二村成為其中一個保留的眷村,面臨一段期間的廢置後,其規劃為「移民博物館」,並於2016年開始執行。 本研究分析眷村作為「移民博物館」,具有特殊性,包含:1. 眷村本身具特有的「移民文化特質」;2. 居住於眷村的族群多元,體現了桃園地方與臺灣的多元族群樣貌;3. 「移民博物館計畫」目的之一,為建構臺灣民眾的「國族認同」,而居住於眷村的「戰後移民」恰巧在臺灣各族群中,具有較複雜的身分認同;4. 眷村為全球冷戰歷史脈絡下形成的社區,以眷村作為移民博物館,有助於使臺灣移民史與世界史交織。而以具相當特殊性的眷村,推展移民博物館計畫;通過其目標與館設規畫下,將有助於桃園族群融合。 同時,在計畫下的駐地工作站開展田野調查,並進行社區營造活動;使社區民眾認識眷村文化、重新建構對於戰後移民的想像,更促進跨族群間的和解與認同。
Taoyuan is one of the representative cities of Taiwan's diverse ethnic groups; hence, the Taoyuan government is committed to administering all ethnic groups. Taoyuan is the city with the second largest number of the military dependents’ village in Taiwan.Sianguang 2nd Village has become one of the preserved military villages after demolishing the military villages. After a period of abandonment, it was planned as a migration museum. This paper reads that the military dependents’ village is suitable to be planned as a "migration museum", including: 1. The military dependents’ villages have unique "migrant cultural characteristics"; 2. The ethnic groups living in the military dependents’ villages are diverse, reflecting the diverse ethnic groups in Taoyuan and Taiwan ; 3. One of the purposes of the migration museum is to construct the "national identity" of the Taiwanese people, and the "post-war immigrants" living in military dependents’ villages have a more complex identity among the various ethnic groups in Taiwan ; 4. Military dependents’ villages are communities formed in the global Cold War history. The military dependents’ village planned as a migration museum helps to interweave Taiwan’s migration history with world history. Under its goals and museum planning, a migration museum will help Taoyuan ethnic integration. In addition, field surveys and community empowerment was carried out under the plan; to enable the community to understand the culture of the military dependents’ villages, reconstruct their imaginations of post-war immigrants, and brought about reconciliations between the different ethnics.
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