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dc.contributorKuan, Hung-Changen_US
dc.contributor.authorWang, Chen-Yuen_US
dc.description.abstract本研究旨在探討影響台灣大學生和中國大學生使用行動支付之行為意向,透過心理因素(包含知覺有用、知覺易用、消費者創新性、網路外部性、參考團體和回饋機制)、環境因素(包含使用ATM成本、轉帳手續費、攜帶現金風險、偽鈔問題、刷卡習慣和網購便利性)以及知覺風險,分析比較台灣和中國大學生在使用行動支付之動機有何差異,以及不同的使用環境是否會對行為意向造成影響。 本論文基於上述變數作出假設,設計李克特量表問卷,以台灣和中國大學生為樣本群體,分別發放問卷進行實證研究,分析不同地區樣本群體在行動支付使用動機、體驗和場景的差異對於其行為意向之影響,並透過線性回歸統計分析驗證模型架構的適宜性。 本論文並透過統計分析之結果,建構變數彼此之間的關聯性,且分析兩種樣本群體之行動支付使用經驗以及影響其行為意向之關鍵因素,另外再結合台灣與中國不同風俗民情和使用者體驗差異,加以統整分析並加入創新創意思維,進而提出學術上以及管理上之意義。 本文期望能夠發揮領頭羊效應,讓有意針對行動支付使用者體驗和使用環境差異做探討之研究人員提供參考依據,並對行動支付業者或有意進軍行動支付領域之銀行業、電子商務業等業者提供方向建議與參考依據。希望在各界合作努力下,替台灣建構健全的行動支付環境,早日實現無現金社會。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this research is to explore the factors that affect Taiwanese and Chinese college students' behavioral intentions of using mobile payment. These factors are : psychological factors (perceived usefulness, perceptual ease of use, consumer innovation, network externalities, reference groups, and feedback mechanisms), environmental factors (including the cost of using ATMs, transfer fees, the risk of carrying cash, the problem of counterfeit banknotes, using credit cards, the convenience of online shopping), and perceived risks. The research aims to analyze and compare the differences between Taiwanese and Chinese college students' motivations in using mobile payment. It also explores whether different environments would affect their behavioral intentions. The research makes assumptions based on the above variables and designs a Likert-scale questionnaire. It then interviews some Taiwanese and Chinese college students to analyze how the motivations, experiences, and different scenes of using mobile payment affect their behavioral intentions. It also verifies the assumptions through linear regression analysis. Through the results of statistical analysis, the research constructs the correlation between the variables, to analyze the two sample groups' experiences of using mobile payment and the key factors that affect their behavioral intentions. The research also puts forward suggestions on academic research and the practices of management . This thesis can provide references for researchers who intend to explore the user experiences and environmental differences of mobile payment. It also provides some suggestions for mobile payment companies or professionals such as industries of banking and e-commerce, etc. Who intend to enter the field of mobile payment. It is hoped that with the concerted efforts of all walks of life, a sound mobile payment environment will be built for Taiwan to realize a cashless society as soon as possible.en_US
dc.subjectMobile paymenten_US
dc.subjectInfluence of Psychologicalen_US
dc.subjectEnvironmental Factorsen_US
dc.subjectperceived risken_US
dc.subjectTechnology Acceptance Modelen_US
dc.titleThe Influences of Psychological and Environmental Factors on Mobile Payment Behavioral Intention: The Cases of Taiwanese and Chinese College Studentsen_US
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