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Title: 馬來西亞雪蘭莪金門會館的社會功能及其變遷
Development of Chinese Association in Modern Malaysia: A Case Study of Selangor Kim Mooi Association
Authors: 江柏煒
Chiang, Bo-Wei
Keywords: 地緣性會館
Chinese Association
Quemoy community
Overseas Chinese Network
Malaysian Chinese
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 雪蘭莪金門會館位於馬來西亞雪蘭莪州巴生。雪蘭莪州是馬來西亞人口最多、經濟發展最迅速和國內生產總值最高的州屬。巴生是雪蘭莪州的發源地,也是馬來西亞最古老的城市之一。巴生有「皇城」之美譽,雪蘭莪州蘇丹的阿南莎皇宮便設在巴生。同時,巴生還有多間華文學校,以及宗鄉團體、神廟組織百花齊放,素有「雪州華人文化城」之稱。雪蘭莪巴生一帶也是馬來西亞最多金門人聚集之處,雪蘭莪金門會館是馬來西亞最早設立的金門人會館,從1946年成立至今,在地方教育、文化和公益慈善上有積極表現。本研究嘗試分析了雪蘭莪金門會館在不同時期的發展,探討會館在隨著時代變遷過程中的角色和功能,了解會館對於社會之貢獻與意義。縱觀會館七十幾年的發展歷程,雖在組織結構等形式上有諸多變化與革新,其本質功能與會館的服務精神在發展過程中仍保持著連續的傳承,並有逐漸發揚光大之趨勢。另外,本文亦討論了雪蘭莪金門會館和原鄉金門之間,如何透過溝通交流網絡,建立密切情誼聯繫。金門作為臺灣唯一的僑鄉,而會館作為推動當地與原鄉金門交流的橋樑角色,強化了臺灣與馬來西亞的關係。
Selangor Kim Mooi Association located at Klang, a royal town in the state of Selangor , Malaysia. It was first built in 1947 , after the World War II ended and the British colonial returned to Malaya by a group of immigrants who originally come from Quemoy (also named Kinmen, an island located South Fujian) island. As there were many Quemoy people immigrated into the Klang area, the asscoiation built to unite the Quemoy community. Soon, the Kinmen island become a hot zone of the cold war in 1949 and the Malaya became fully independent in 1957.This research attempts to analyze the development of the Selangor Kim Mooi Association in different periods, and try to explore the role of the assosiation, and understand the contribution of the assosiation to society. Although the association keeps developing and changing , the spirit of the association has maintained, which unites the Quemoy communnity. In addition, this article also discussed how the Selangor Kim Mooi Association and its native land Quemoy can establish close relationship through a communication network. Quemoy is the only native land of overseas Chinese in Taiwan, and the association serves as a bridge to communicate between the locals and their native land Quemoy, strengthening the relationship between Taiwan and Malaysia.
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