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Title: 以鉅量資料取徑分析 Facebook 候選人網路競選的候選人形象與社群討論-2018 年高雄市長選舉個案研究
Using big data approach to analysis the image of the candidate's campaign and social media discussion on Facebook-A casestudy of the 2018 Kaohsiung mayor election
Authors: 蔣旭政
Chiang, Hsu-Cheng
Huang, Jia-Li
Keywords: 鉅量資料
big data
content analysis
secondary data analysis
campaign method
soft and hard information
political landscape
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 在過去的選舉當中掌握主流媒體等於掌握發聲權。而隨著科技的日新月異,社群媒體的興起也改變閱聽人的接收模式。競選的文化、策略也跟有變化,從原 本的陸戰打到空戰,過去菁英化的政治人物演變成如同朋友一邊的親近,而民眾 也能在社群上與候選人互動。因此本文試著用鉅量資料取徑輔以內容分析法,利 用 Netvizz 撈取資料,從 2018 年 4 月 9 日到 2018 年 11 月 24 日止,從宣佈競選到 選舉當天結束,再以 Python 將資料視覺化、圖像化。 過程當中發現,民眾對於對於圖像化、影像化等較能直覺性吸收的發文有較 高的參與度,特別發文當中有強烈的個人色彩,民眾在社群上的討論度就會更高。總體而言,軟性資訊的發文參與度較高。陳其邁粉絲專頁的民眾對於硬性資訊的討論度較熱烈,而韓國瑜粉絲專頁上的民眾對於軟性資訊的發文有明顯較高的參與度。 在社群形象上面,韓國瑜給人比較親民、真實,像是鄰家的里長伯,因此在和民眾互動上更像是朋友之間的互動,而陳其邁給人比較高高在上的社會菁英感,跟民眾互動上比起來沒有韓國瑜那麼親近。透過中選會提供的選舉資料,我們可以看到市長選票上的變化,與市議員席次上的改變,因此在這次選舉中政治版圖上是有位移的。整體來說社群網路的競選所帶來的影響,除了讓過去菁英化的政治變成拉近與民眾之間的好朋友,並且是能帶來政治版圖的位移。
In the past elections, the mainstream media is equivalent to mastering the right to speak. With the rapid development of technology, the rise of social media has also changed the receiving mode of readers. The culture and strategy of the election have also changed. From the war of the traditional media to the social media battle, the elite politicians in the past have evolved into closeness on the side of friends, and the public can interact with the candidates in the community. Therefore, this study attempts to use big data to access the content analysis method, using Netvizz to retrieve data, from April 9, 2018 to November 24, 2018, from the announcement of the election to the end of the election day. Then use Python to visualize the data. During the process, it was found that the public had a higher l participation in postings that were more intuitively absorbed, such as visualization. In particular, there was a strong personal color in the postings, and the public's discussion on the community would be higher. Generally speaking, the posting of soft information is relatively high. The people on the fan page of Chen Chi-Mai had a more enthusiastic discussion about hard information, while the people on the fan page of Han Kuo-yu had a significantly higher participation in the posting of soft information. In the image of the social media, Han Kuo-yu gives people more closeness and reality, like the neighbor's uncle, so it is more like the interaction between friends with the people, and Chen Chi-Mai gives a higher sense of social elite compared to the interaction with the public, it is not as close as Korean Yu. Through the election information provided by the Election Committee, we can see the changes in the mayor’s ballot and the changes in the seats of the city councillors. Therefore, there is a shift in the political landscape in this election. On the whole, the impact of the social networking campaign has not only turned the elite politics of the past into close friends with the people, but also brought about a shift in the political landscape.
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