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Other Titles: Pluralism as Cover: Gender Mainstreaming and the Political Unconscious in Taiwan
Authors: Lucifer Hung
Issue Date: Sep-2019
Publisher: 英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: Standing amid the ruins of the “gender equality mainstreaming” of the past twenty years, we are obliged to probe into our history, to contextualize the status quo and the past, and to examine current conditions from our current position. My premise in this article is that conflicts over “gender politics” and “gender/sexual politics” in Taiwan are not merely the result of ontology, but instead have an epistemological basis and political framework along two different “lines” that are radically different, giving rise to a situation filled with continuous struggle. This circumstance cannot be, as some simplistic claims following the logic of “(state) feminism” have it, summed up merely as “friction between factions”; neither as “women’s movement excludes (assumed as naturally born) lesbians/gays,” nor de-contextualized as “women’s movement accommodates lesbians/gays” and “liberation of women means liberation of lesbians/gays.” If this logic is assumed, discussions on gender/sexual politics can only take place on two clearly separated sides, “feminism” (gender diversity) and “lesbian/gay” (sexual liberation), which is itself problematic.
Other Identifiers: DB1D77C8-1CA5-ABD7-ABF7-4844720A1402
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