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Title: 成年早期與中期樣貌:全心學習、情緒創造、品味能力及圓滿人生之模型建構和其差異比較
Other Titles: What Does Early and Middle AdulthoodLook Like? A Comparison of StructuralModels on Mindful Learning, EmotionalCreativity, Capacity to Savor, andFlourishing Life
Authors: 陳柏霖
Po-Lin Chen, Chao-Hsiang Hung, Min-Ning Yu
Issue Date: Dec-2019
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學
National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 過去研究指出,不同成年期於圓滿人生有差異,但缺乏探究全心學習、情緒創造、品味能力及圓滿人生之關係。本研究旨在探究成年早期與成年中期於全心學習、情緒創造、品味能力及圓滿人生的模式建構和其差異比較。本研究者以616 位成人為對象,藉由實徵資料蒐集,使用描述統計、結構方程式模型進行分析。研究結果發現:一、成年早期與中期的品味能力於全心學習與圓滿人生之間有中介效果,但情緒創造僅在成年早期的全心學習與圓滿人生間有中介效果;二、成年早期與中期的情緒創造透過品味能力對全心學習與圓滿人生之間扮演遠程中介角色;三、成年中期在新奇產生、變通性、圓滿人生、仁福─正向情緒、玩福─全心投入、和福─意義認同、敬福─勝任要求,以及樂福─樂天知命上的平均得分,均顯著高於成年早期;四、成年早期於情緒準備與情緒新奇上的平均得分,顯著高於成年中期。最後,根據研究結果,針對生活與未來研究方向提出各項建議。
Literature indicates potential differences of flourishing life in adulthood. However, studies onthese differences in relation to mindful learning, emotional creativity, and capacity to savor are scant.This study therefore constructed a model to study the relationships among mindful learning,emotional creativity, capacity to savor, and flourishing life in early and middle adulthood. In total,616 adults randomly selected from Northern, Central, and Southern Taiwan participated in this study.Analysis methods included descriptive statistics and structural equation modeling. The resultsdemonstrated the following: (1) The capacity to savor in early and middle adulthood can mediate theprediction from mindful learning to flourishing life, whereas in early adulthood alone, emotionalcreativity has a mediator effect for the prediction from mindful learning to flourishing life. (2) Inearly and middle adulthood, emotional creativity to capacity to savor plays a serial mediating role inthe prediction from mindful learning to flourishing life. (3) The scores of novelty producing,flexibility, flourishing life, benevolence-blessing positive emotions, playfulness-blessingengagement, harmony-blessing identify meaning, respectful-blessing competent requirements, andoptimism-blessing optimistic attitude were significantly higher in middle adulthood than in early adulthood. (4) The scores of emotion preparedness and emotion novelty were significantly higher inearly adulthood than in middle adulthood. Based on these results, suggestions regarding life practiceand future research are discussed subsequently.
Other Identifiers: 80863ED5-CF43-31B4-4F3F-C1F98A1E9FD2
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