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Title: 臺灣國民教育場域裡的新住民語言教育政策
Other Titles: Language Education Policy forNew Residents in the Context ofCompulsory Education in Taiwan
Authors: 鍾鎮城
Chen-Cheng Chun
Issue Date: Mar-2020
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學
National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 新住民議題是近些年來臺灣社會的顯學,早期研究以新住民中的跨國婚姻類型為最,近期研究正逐漸轉向兒童及其多元類別。本研究目的在於探討國民教育場域裡的新住民語言教育發展及其現況。透過文獻探析,首先,發現新住民語言教育研究的重心已從新住民成人轉往新住民學童。次而,本研究將焦點轉向新住民學童語言教育,採宏觀及微觀之二元視角分析108 課綱新住民語言教育政策及規劃,從中得出當前政策在語言意識、語言態度及語言認同層面之意涵,以及後續師資培育層面上的挑戰。最後,於文末歸結國民教育場域新住民語言教育之三類主要對象:長於臺灣的新住民二代、一般學童、跨國銜轉學生,同時提出未來在語言學及教育學跨領域研究、語言教育政策長期研究及語言習得規劃研究等三面向的可能走向。
Issues related to new residents have become increasingly important in Taiwanese society. Themajority of early research has focused on immigration due to international marriage, whereas currentresearch focuses on language education for pupils as well as their diversity. This paper discussesdevelopments in new-resident language education in the context of compulsory education in Taiwan.According to a literature review, studies on new-resident language education have shifted their focusfrom adults to pupils. In this study, a micro-macro methodological dichotomy was used to analyzenew-resident language education policy and planning in Taiwan’s 108 Curriculum. The policy’simplications for language ideology, language attitude, and language identity were elucidated. Amongthe various challenges for policy implementation, teacher training is the most critical aspect. Threemajor groups of people were identified in present-day new-resident language education in thecompulsory education context: regular pupils, transnational students, and second-generation newresidents who grew up in Taiwan. In terms of future studies, longitudinal research on languageeducation policy, language acquisition planning research, and interdisciplinary research involvingthe fields of education and linguistics should be conducted.
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