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Title: 國小教師倫理決定模式之驗證
Other Titles: Empirical Verfication of an Elementary Teachers' Ethical Decision Making Model
Authors: 李宜玫
Issue Date: Sep-2009
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理學系
Department of Educational Psychology, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究目的在整合道德心理學三大取向的主張,建構出國小教師倫理決定歷程模式,再以結構方程模式(SEM)進行實徵資料的統計驗證,探究教師倫理決定歷程 中,對環境訊息覺察的敏感度、負責行為的教師特質與倫理判斷三者對行為意向的影響效果。樣本共選取男性教師159人,女性教師382人,合計541人,受 試教師觀看二則教學倫理決定情境影片後判斷情境危險狀況與人物反應等敏感度,再進行倫理判斷與行為意向的選擇,並填答動機、人格特質、反省與負責行為等自 陳問卷,以蒐集本研究之重要變項。研究結果顯示教師對環境中關鍵訊息覺察的敏感度對於倫理決定的影響效果最大,與認知基模論的主張相符。其次為教師負責行 為的特質,支持品格論的觀點。至於道德推理取向的三種類型倫理判斷的中介效果則未獲支持,但是部分仍對行為意向具直接影響效果。
The purposes of this study were to integrate three perspectives of moral psychology toward the delineation of an Elementary Teachers’ Ethical Decision Making Process Model and empirical verification of the model using structural equation modeling (SEM) to explore the effects of sensitivity toward environment cues, characteristics of teachers’ responsible behaviors, and ethical judgment on behavioral intent. Participants were 541 teachers (159 male and 382 female) who watched a video depicting two ethical decision scenarios in educational settings. Ethical sensitivity was assessed in relation to teachers’ deliberation of the risk of the situations and reactions of people in the scenarios. They also indicated their choice in relation to ethical judgment and behavioral intent, as well as completed a self-report questionnaire that assessed motivation, personality characteristics, self-reflection and responsible behavior. Results of the study indicated that:: (a) sensitivity toward environmental information and cues has the largest effect on ethical decision making, which is consistent with cognitive schema model. (b) Characteristics of teachers’ responsible behaviors exerted the next largest effect, which supported the character integrity perspective. (c) However, the hypothesized mediated effects of three types of ethical judgments was not supported, although a partial but direct effect on behavioral intent was found.
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