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Title: 「述祖德」詩賦之重述與挪借 ──以謝靈運〈述祖德〉二首與〈山居賦〉 對讀為中心
Other Titles: Reinterpretation and Appropriation of Poetry and Fu on the Theme of Ancestral Virtues — Based on XIE, LING-YUN’s “Shu Zu De” and “Shan Ju Fu”
Authors: 沈芳如
Issue Date: Mar-2020
Publisher: 國文系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 「述祖德」主題,於《詩經》已存在,並對後世述祖德主題之確立,形成影響。不同於紹述先祖功業之傳統,謝靈運〈述祖德〉二首與〈山居賦〉之寫作意圖,乃在「重述祖德」與「挪借賦體」。本文擬先梳理先秦至魏晉述祖德諸作,掌握此一傳統。其後,以謝靈運作品對讀為主,一者完整闡述謝靈運憬慕先祖之情,二者一窺謝靈運應對不遇之態。同時,揀擇魏晉時期述祖德代表作品,如陸機〈祖德賦〉、〈述先賦〉,及陶淵明〈命子〉等,與謝靈運相互對照。期望於彼此同異之間,勾勒文人於先祖榮光之下,如何尋思自我。最後,突顯謝靈運託言紹述,實則透過重述與挪借,彌縫主觀企望之功業。
The theme of “praise the virtues of the ancestors” has already existed in the Shi Jing , and influence the subsequent establishment of the theme. Different from the tradition of describing ancestral achievements, the writing intent of XIE, LING-YUN 's two works is to reinterpret and appropriation poems and fu. This article first combs the tradition of the works of ancestors from Pre-Qin to Wei Jin. Then through the comparison of XIE, LING-YUN’s these two works, we can fully explain XIE, LING-YUN 's longing for ancestors and understand how XIE, LING-YUN faced unsatisfactory situations. In addition, I will also choose the representative works of the ancestral achievements in the Wei and Jin Dynasties, such as Lu Ji's “Zu De Fu”, “Shu Xian Fu” and TAO, YUAN-MING’s “Ming Zi Shi” to compare with XIE, LING-YUN 's works. I hope that by comparing the works to find out how to face ancestral merit when the writer is unwilling. It also highlights that XIE, LING-YUN seems to imitate, in fact, it is through reinterpreting and appropriating to compensate for the subjective expectations.
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