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Title: 以教育實現人格自由:教育學者瞿世英在近代中國教育史上的意義(1917-1949)
Other Titles: Freedom of Personality through Education: The Role of Education Scholar Shih-Ying Qu in Modern Chinese Education History
Authors: 劉蔚之
Wei-Chih Liou
Issue Date: Jun-2018
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Department of Education,National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 瞿世英(菊農)是二十世紀上半葉唯一取得哈佛教育學博士的中國學者。出國前參加五四運動的他並未主張放棄傳統文化,反而選擇就讀當時教育學發展相對落後的哈佛大學深研觀念論教育哲學,以掌握中國當時教育哲學發展過於偏重實用主義的關鍵問題。瞿世英返國後先參與中國哲學界之學術研究體制創設工作,稍後從事鄉村平民教育工作,是中華平民教育促進會總會工作最久的幹部,也是二戰後協助聯合國在各國推行基本教育計畫的靈魂人物。觀其一生,瞿世英從未偏離觀念論教育哲學均衡和諧的宇宙觀、人生觀與世界觀;以教育啟蒙鄉村農民,實現每一個人的人格自由,正是他人生與教育理想的實踐。本研究以瞿世英哈佛時期就讀檔案、著作文本等一手史料文獻,評估其歷史地位。目的在重建瞿氏歷史圖像,彰顯前輩教育學者歷史意義,找出今日進行知識學習與轉移的啟示,以益學界傳承與創發。
Shih-Ying Qu was the only Chinese to obtain a doctoral degree in education from Graduate School of Education of Harvard University in the first half of the 20th century. This avid participant in the May Fourth Movement did not advocate abandoning traditional Chinese culture; his education at Harvard University, which was relatively behind in the field of education, actually held the key to the ensuing development of education philosophy in China. Upon his return to China, Qu first engaged himself to the institutionalization of Chinese academic research on philosophy and then dived into rural mass education, became the longest acting member of the Chinese National Association of Mass Education Movements, and was heart and soul to plans in basic education that the United Nations implemented in various countries after the war. Shih- Ying Qu never lost what he acquired through his Harvard education: a weltanschauung of balance and harmony in the cosmic, in life, and in the world. Farmers in rural areas were enlightened to actualize their individual freedom of personality, which was the realization of his ideals in life and education. This research assesses Shih-Ying Qu’s place in history based on first-hand historical artifacts such as personal files obtained from Harvard University Archives, his publications, and existing research. The depicted image and its historical meaning can shade light on the learning and transfer of external knowledge, which could benefit future education scholars.
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