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Title: 運用芝加哥藝術教育夥伴模式進行音樂融入兒童英語學習之課程設計與實施:以增進新住民兒童之學習為焦點
Other Titles: The Curriculum Design and Implementation of Music Infused into Children’s English Learning Project Based on the CAPE Model: Focus on Enhancing the Learning of New-Immigrant Students
Authors: 鄭月秀
Yueh-Hsiu Cheng, Hsiao-Ping Wu
Issue Date: Jun-2018
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Department of Education,National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 本研究以行動研究法將音樂融入雲林縣G國小六年級假日補救班之英語科教學,針對三名新住民學童及三名一般學童進行八週的行動教學研究,透過課程計畫、行動、觀察及反思的過程,完成芝加哥藝術教育夥伴模式進行音樂融入兒童英語學習的課程設計,以增進新住民兒童之學習成效。根據教學行動研究結果發現,藝術融入課程有助於刺激新住民學童的學習能力,而音樂融入英語學習的教學實踐具有提升學童學習語言能力的良好成效。雖然藝術融入課程的功效非短期可見,但確實有效提升了教師與學生的多元能力,而藝術形式及學科課程的選擇與學生學習的程度表現則環環相扣。教學團隊從課程規劃的開始,便要進行多方的溝通、大量的探究及專業的交流才能發揮教學成效的最佳化,形成良好的教學循環。
This study adopted an action research method to draw on a music-infused English curriculum in a 6th- grade holiday remedial class in G elementary school in Yunlin County. The study investigated the implementation of arts-infused curriculum for 8 weeks for 3 new-immigrant students and 3 native students, through the process of plan, action, observation, and reflection to achieve the curriculum design and implementation of music-infused curriculum into children’s English learning project based on the CAPE Model to enhance the learning outcomes of new-immigrant Students. The results of this action research study indicated that the course design of arts-infused curriculum stimulated the learning ability of new-immigrant students. The curriculum design of music-infused English learning improved learning outcomes. The effect of arts infused curriculum was not a short-term outcome, but with effective enhancement of teachers and students’ diverse abilities. The selection of art form and subject course are intertwined with the degree of student learning outcomes. Multi-party communication, numerous inquiry and professional exchanges could optimize the effectiveness of teaching. Hence, the arts-infused curriculum could effectively form a good teaching cycle.
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