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Title: 科技教學內容知識對特殊教育教師專業知能之啟示
Other Titles: Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge ofProfessional Competence for Special EducationTeachers and Its Revelations
Authors: 林燕玲
Yen-Ling Lin, Yan-Rong Huang
Issue Date: Sep-2019
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學特殊教育中心
National Taiwan Normal University Special Education Center
Abstract: 十二年國民基本教育課程綱要定於108 學年度開始實施,對特殊教育最大的啟示在於將特殊教育及特殊類型班學生的學習需求與規劃納入其中,促使普教教師與特殊教育教師有更多合作機會,更重要的是考量特殊教育教師對特殊需求課程教學及課程教學調整的專業性。是以,特殊教育教師應具備更多元的專業能力,不單僅具備專業教學知識 (pedagogy knowledge) 及學科領域內容知識 (contentknowledge),更當具備應用科技知識 (technology knowledge) 以提升學生學習成效之能力。鑑於此,本文即藉由科技教學內容知識 (Technological PedagogicalContent Knowledge,簡稱TPACK) 作為架構,以建立特殊教育教師專業與科技教學內容知識的關聯,並針對特殊教育教師科技教學內容知識應用進行說明,俾利相關教學實務現場作為參考。
The Ministry of Education started to schedule the 12-year Education CurriculumGuide implementation in August 2019. This newly revised 12-year EducationCurriculum Guide included curriculum designs for students with special needs, insteadof only for regular students. This Guide promoted more cooperation opportunitiesbetween general education teachers and special education teachers; more importantly,the special education teachers' specialization in the teaching of special needs coursesand the adjustment of curriculum teaching were taken into consideration. Specialeducation teachers should have more professional skills, not only Pedagogy Knowledgeand Content Knowledge but also Technology knowledge to enhance students' learningoutcomes. In this article, the authors introduced Technological Pedagogical ContentKnowledge (TPACK) and explored the TPACK of professional competence for specialeducation teacher. We hope the contents can provide special educators and researchersnew knowledge and enhance their existing knowledge.
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