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Title: 論效攝細音字在原始閩語中的層次及其演變
Other Titles: On the Strata Analysis and Phonological Changes of Xiào Shè Grade-3 and Grade-4 Cognates in Proto Min Finals
Authors: 吳瑞文
Wu, Rui-wen
Issue Date: Jun-2019
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 本文探討中古效攝細音字在原始閩語中的演變以及相關的音韻層次問題。討論的基礎是Norman(1981)提出的原始閩語韻母系統。Norman的構擬中與效攝細音字有關的音韻形式為*iau(椒薸少笑,效攝三等)和*eu(雕條鳥,效攝四等)。根據以上擬測,中古效攝三四等字在原始閩語中分別只有一套規則對應,這意味著它們在原始閩語中並不存在層次問題。本文擴大比較基礎,並增函同源詞來檢討上述看法。本文結論是〆1.原始閩語中效攝三等宵韻有*-au和*-iɑu兩類々2.原始閩語效攝四等蕭韻則有*-iau和*-iɑu兩類々3.參照漢語音韻史及詞彙史的證據,本文認為原始閩語效攝的兩個時間層次都可以區分三四等韻。其中一個層次的對比是「宵」*-iau〆「蕭」*-iɑu,差異是主要元音前後以及介音有無,這個層次屬於秦漢層。另一個音韻層次的對比是「宵」*-iɑu〆「蕭」*-iau,其主要元音有別,這個層次源自六朝時期南方的江東方言。
In this article, I reexamine the reconstruction of the Grade-3 and Grade-4 Cognates of Xiào Shè in Proto Min on the basement of Norman‟s reconstruction. Norman pointed out that there are two proto finals for Xiào Shè Grade-3 and Grade-4 i.e. *iau and *eu respectively. According to those two finals, it seems that proto Min simply has correspondences with Ancient Chinese Xiào Shè Grade-3 and Grade-4 simply. However, Xiào Shè Grade-3 and Grade-4 have other correspondences which shows that proto Min possessed difference phonological strata. My conclusion is below: 1. In proto Min, Xiào Shè Grade-3 has two proto forms: *au and *iɑu. 2. Xiào Shè Grade-4 has two proto forms: *iɑu and *iau. 3. Based on the historical phonological and lexical evidence, I suggest that *au and *íɑu are come from Archaic Chinese. In other words, the phonological contract shows that the middle element *-j- is dropped in Proto Min final system. *iɑu and *iau could be traced to Jiang-dong Dialect, which is a southern language used in Six Dynasties.
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