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dc.description.abstractThis study was to reveal the relations among the viewer’s motivations, satisfaction and sport involvement of internet sports channel in Chungwa Telecom Hinet Hichannel. The subjects were the users who watched the Chungwa Telecom Hinet Hichannel through the internet. They were surveyed through internet questionnaire by convenience sampling in March, 2012. The amount of valid questionnaire is 510. According to the data colleted from the internet questionnaire. Descriptive statistics, one-way ANOVA and multiple regressin were applied for data analysis. The results were as following: (1) the main group of internet sports channel in Chungwa Telecom Hinet Hichannel viewers were mainly female university students aged 21 to 25. Most of them were moderate viewer’s who have the habit of regular exercise, spent $1,000 TWD and below on sport products and used the internet sports channel in Chungwa Telecom Hinet Hichannel 2-3 times a week. (2) the viewer’s motivations, and sport involvement of internet sports channel in Chungwa Telecom Hinet Hichannel were above the average of evaluation. (3) sexual, age, eduction, career, regular excerise, spent on the sports products per month, average time of usage every week for viewer’s motivations, satisfaction and sport involvement were significantly different. (4) the spectator’s motivations of internet sports channel in Chungwa Telecom Hinet Hichannel has explanation degree to the satisfaction; the sport involvement of internet sports channel in Chungwa Telecom Hinet Hichannel has explanation degree to the motivations and satisfaction. Based on the results, suggestions were as following: (1) managers should target customers and provide plenty of information and service to attract more viewers continue use based on their background. (2) managers should focus on female viewers, and provide the sports competitions which they like to attract female viewers. (3) managers offer more information about sports competitions which viewer’s paid attention on and set up discussion board to increase the interaction between enterprices and users. (4) managers establish merbership to realize viewer’s characteristic, and enhance viewer’s loyalty. (5) the viewers can provide their expectations and responses to see to the managers, as a suggestions for their favorable sports competitions in the future.en_US
dc.subjectChungwa Telecom Hinet Hichannel internet sports channelen_US
dc.subjectsport involvement.en_US
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