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dc.contributorJeou-Shyan Horngen_US
dc.contributorYu-Hua Christine Sunen_US
dc.description.abstract近年來餐廳除了是販售、提供餐點之地方外,亦成為銷售用餐體驗的美學空間,餐廳空間規畫人員即是整合餐廳的軟硬體設施做一整體空間考量之規劃,擔任著具有整合餐廳特色、行銷、經營者理念等要件的關鍵角色。本研究旨在瞭解餐旅及設計相關科系學生之創新餐廳空間規劃認知能力現況,並探討學生背景變項對其創新餐廳空間規劃認知能力之差異性,以及創新餐廳空間規劃認知能力各構面間的相關情形。 本研究採用問卷調查法,共發放470份問卷,排除遺漏值及無效問卷後,回收有效問卷為458份,回收率為97.4%。調查所得資料以敘述性統計、信效度分析、獨立樣本t檢定、單因子變異數分析、皮爾森相關分析方法進行統計分析。歸納本研究結果如下: 一、餐旅及設計相關科系大學生認知具備中上程度之「創新餐廳空間規劃能力」;得分情形以「創造力」為最高,依序是「綠色設計能力」、「美學能力」、「專業基礎能力」。 二、不同科系、性別、年級、工讀經驗與工讀時間長短在學生創新餐廳空間規劃認知能力上,部分構面具有顯著差異。 三、有無獲獎經驗及到創新餐廳用餐頻率對學生在創新餐廳空間規劃認知能力上,各構面均有顯著的差異。 四、學生在創新餐廳空間規劃整體認知能力和各構面間都具有顯著正相關。 最後,根據研究所得結果提出相關建議,希冀對餐旅及設計相關科系學生及教師在安排課程及未來學習上有所幫助。 關鍵字: 餐廳空間規畫能力、創造力、美學能力、綠色設計能力zh_TW
dc.description.abstractIn recent years, restaurants have become places not only for foods, but also for aesthetic experiences. Designers of a physical dining environment must take into consideration of all the hardware and software of the restaurant to make comprehensive planning, and they would be the key to integrate all the features of the restaurant, marketing concepts, and the ideas of the operator. Focusing on college students from tourism, hospitality, and design departments, this study aims to explore the students' perceived competencies in innovative restaurant design, analyze the influence of their background variables on such perceived competencies, and investigate the relations among different dimensions of innovative restaurant design. In this study, a questionnaire survey was conducted. In total, 470 questionnaire sheets were distributed, with 458 of them collected being valid (97.4%).The data were further statistically analyzed with descriptive statistics, analyses of validity and reliability, independent-sample T-test, single factor ANOVA, and Pearson correlation analysis. The results of this study are as follows: 1、 For college students from tourism, hospitality, and design departments, their level of perceived competencies in innovative physical dining environment design is above average. In descending order, the students' top four perceived competencies are Creativity, Green Design, Aesthetics, and Basic Professional Skill. 2、 Factors such as departments, genders, grades, lengths and experiences of part-time works cause significant differences in some dimensions of students' competencies in innovative physical dining environment design. 3、 Factors such as "history of receiving relevant award(s)" and the "frequency of dining in innovative restaurants" cause significant differences in all dimensions of students' perceived competencies in innovative restaurant design. 4、 The overall planning competency in innovative restaurant design shows significant positive correlation with all dimensions. Based on the results, relevant suggestions were proposed in the hope of being beneficial to the teaching and learning in tourism, hospitality, and design departments. Keywords: competency in innovative restaurant design, creativity, aesthetic competency, green design competencyen_US
dc.subjectompetency in innovative restaurant designen_US
dc.subjectaesthetic competencyen_US
dc.subjectgreen design competencyen_US
dc.titleAnalysis of College Students Perceived Competencies in Inovative Restaurant Designen_US
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