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Title: 小齒輪轉動大賽會 ─奧運志工服務經驗之個案研究
The Small Gear Turn the Mega-Event to Success: A Case Study on Olympic Volunteer's Service Experience
Authors: 陳美燕
Chen, Mei-Yen
Cheng, Shih-Ying
Keywords: 奧運志工
Olympic volunteer
human resoursce management
service experience
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 賽會如果沒有賽會志工的付出,是無法負荷舉辦大型運動賽會之龐大的工作量 (International Olympic Committee, 2012) 。本文為個案研究,旨在探討奧運志工從參與志 願服務之動機,以及呈現奧運志工服務經驗歷程,到經驗收獲和代表之意義。研究參與 者有包括服務雅典奧運、北京奧運與倫敦奧運共七名志工。資料蒐集方式以半結構式訪 談,輔以文件資料、照片引導事件訪談法、研究者日誌等作為資料多元檢核,以建立研 究信實度。在資料蒐集的過程也同時進行主題式分析,研究歸納出奧運志工服務經驗四 個主題:不做不會怎麼樣,做了會很不一樣;準備決定表現,表現來自支持;用心,就 會有用力的地方;回到生活原點,延續我的熱情。根據上述結果,研究結論如下:1.奧 運志工參與服務動機包括賽會形象、社會支持、身份認同、榮耀感 2.資訊管道不透明和 賽前沒有充足模擬訓練會導致志工工作不投入,但管理者建立志工心理資本,可提高志 工工作投入 3.滿足志工基本生理需求與尊重需求、打造奧運氣氛以及建立附加價值,會 使奧運志工持續性服務 4 .奧運經驗對志工的意義包括帶來後續效益、對奧運的認同以 及奧運已成習慣。最後,提出未來研究建議與實務上建議,以提供賽會管理者與研究者 之參考。
Volunteers have been integral to the success of the Olympic Games since they were first used during the 1948 Games in London and, as the British capital prepares to host the Games once again, the role of Olympic volunteers has never been more important. This case study explored from the meaning of the experience of the Olympic, volunteers motivation to Olympic volunteer experience in process of presenting. There were 7 research participants have serviced in Athens Olympic Games, Beijing Olympic Games and the London Olympics Game .Through semi-structured interviewing, document collecting, and photo elicitation, the researcher built up research data. After collecting data, thematic analysis was used to analyze the data. Research summarized Olympic volunteer experience of four themes: Something undone causes no change, but makes a vital difference once done; Preparation decide to performance, performance from support ; Intentions, they will be hard work ; Back to the origin of life, continuing my passion. According to these results, the following conclusions:(1) Olympice volunteer’s motivation inclunded the Olympic image, social support, identity, honor (2) Information is not transparent and without adequate simulation training before led to volunteer work is not put into .However managers establish volunteer mental capital investment to improve volunteer work (3) Satisfy volunteers basic physiological needs and respect needs, building the Olympic atmosphere and create additional value, will lead to the Olympic volunteers continuting service (4) Olympic experience significance for volunteers including bring benefits, follow-up of the Olympic Games and the Olympic identity has become a habit. Finally, the proposal put forward suggestions for future research and practice, in order to provide a sport events managers and researchers.
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