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Title: 建構於FPGA的網路影像顯示系統
An FPGA-based network image display system
Authors: 吳榮根
Jung-Gen Wu
Chun-Chieh Chen
Keywords: DE2
µClinux Embedded System
Network Image Display System
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: DE2開發板為全球百所大學所使用的多媒體開發平台,包含了許多多媒體裝置及週邊設備,提供了教學及研究開發上的需求。本研究是在DE2開發板上作開發,外接小型的液晶顯示器,透過開發板上所提供的各種裝置,自行開發出一套網路影像顯示系統。 液晶顯示器在現今生活中已隨處可見,對於各種不同的需求,提供不同的顯示功能。本研究所開發的網路影像顯示系統,整合了顯示器的軟硬體驅動設計,加入了網路的功能,並且自行編譯一套µClinux作業系統,最後將所有設計一同移植至DE2開發板中做執行。系統的功能,主要是可以自動的透過網路,遠端的抓取圖片後,自動在開發板的顯示器上做顯示,以達成網路影像的顯示功能。 整個系統的設計,不僅是開發一套網路影像顯示系統,還可透過本研究的驅動開發過程,做為開發其他驅動設計的一個重要依據。軟硬體整合及系統建置,也可做為開發的重要範例,自行增減µClinux系統的功能,亦或利用本研究做延伸,新增更多的功能在系統中,作為應用系統開發的基礎平台。
DE2 development board is the multimedia development platform which is using in more than 100 universities in the world. The board includes numerous multimedia devices and other peripherals, to provide requirements for teaching and research. This project was developed on a DE2 board, which connects a small liquid-crystal display (LCD) module. Using the variety of devices provided by the development board, we developed a network image display system. LCD module have been everywhere in modern life. Different displays may be used to meet different needs. This project integrated the hardware and software driver for the LCD display and the network function. We compiled a µClinux operating system for the target system. Finally, we download and execute all of the design on a DE2. Function of the system is to capture remote images through the network, and display them automatically on the attached LCD module. We believe that this research-driven process will be the basis of the development of the other drivers. Hardware and software integration will be an important example for designing other systems. By changing functions in the µClinux operating system, or using an extension of this project which adds more features, new applications can be easily developed.
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