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Title: 六子棋之棋型分類及審局函數之研究
On the Study of Pattern Classification and Evaluation Function for Connect6 Games
Authors: 林順喜
Shun-Shii Lin
Chih-Hung Chen
Keywords: 六子棋
Artificial Intelligence
Threat-Space Search
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 六子棋是吳毅成教授所提出的一系列K子棋當中的一種,又稱連六棋(Connect6),是具備「規則簡單」、「變化複雜」、「遊戲公平」等特性的棋類遊戲。本研究以賴昱臣設計的六子棋程式Ant,作為基礎程式進行改良。經過棋型分類、審局函數與迫著搜尋系統的修改,使得勝率及和率明顯提升、敗率明顯降低。實驗顯示,本研究方法確實可大幅提升Ant程式的棋力。 經過修改後的Ant版本,於TAAI 2010獲得第二名的成績,而在TCGA 2011得到第三名的名次。
Connect6 is a kind of k-in-a-row game that was introduced by Professor I-Chen Wu. It is a fair and complex game with simple rules. This study is based on a Connect6 program Ant developed by Yu-Chen Lai. We improve its pattern classification, evaluation method, and threat-space search algorithm to promote its win rate significantly. Experimental results show these ideas really make Ant become much stronger. After modification, Ant obtained the silver medal in TAAI 2010 computer game tournaments and the bronze medal in TCGA 2011 computer game tournaments.
Other Identifiers: GN0698470245
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