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Title: 台灣直棋的勝負問題之研究
Authors: 林順喜
Shun-Shii Lin
Ming-Zhen Li
Keywords: 電腦直棋
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 電腦棋類遊戲在人工智慧領域中是很重要的,各種棋類遊戲研究層出不窮。直棋(Morris)遊戲屬於雙人遊戲的一種,自從Ralph Gasser教授在1996年提出破解Nine Men's Morris的結果之後,有關Morris games更高一層或其它版本的研究,相關文獻就十分少見。 台灣規則的直棋遊戲是Twelve Men's Morris在台灣的變體。在本論文中,我們使用CPU規格為Intel Xeon E5520 2.27GHz(雙處理器),記憶體總量為36 GByte 的機器,證明了台灣規則的直棋遊戲在開始雙方各拿六子及九子的情況,其結果都為和棋。 我們除了找到台灣規則的直棋遊戲在開始雙方各拿六顆棋子及九顆棋子的勝負結果是和棋,更從破解Nine Men's Morris的方法中,在放子階段提出跟原本作法不同的破解方法。在研究台灣規則的直棋遊戲的過程中,找到了將資料庫分割得更細的方法以及加速旋轉對稱運算的方法,並且將其運用在資料庫技術及回溯分析演算法上。
Computer chess games are very important in the field of artificial intelligence. There are very few research results on Morris in higher dimensions or in other variations since Professor Ralph Gasser solved Nine Men's Morris in 1996. The board of Taiwan Morris game is same as the board of Twelve Men's Morris. In this thesis, a personal computer equipped with AMD Athlon64 X2 4000+ 2.1GHz CPU and 36 GBytes RAM is utilized to conduct our experiments. Thus, it gets the results of Taiwan Morris game that each player starts with six or nine pieces are a first-player draw. In addition, we find some skills for improving the performance of our programs. We used retrograde analysis algorithm and databases in the opening stage of Taiwan Morris games. We also describe some methods employed to accelerate the calculation, such as rotation and symmetry permutation.
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