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Title: 中文語音導讀及嵌入式開源系統之整合設計
Authors: 吳榮根
Keywords: 中文語音導讀
Chinese Screen Reader
Screen Reader
Embedded Linux System
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 在現今的電腦的設計原則都是一般人為基準,大部分都為考慮到患有特殊疾病或身心障礙者的使用情形。但是透過「電腦輔具」,對特別情況下的使用有其對應設計的輔助工具,和功能齊全的應用軟體作搭配。便能讓他們對於操作電腦有進一步的幫助。本研究以此為準則,並且實現出初步的雛型。利用小型的嵌入式系統配合上開源(Open Source)作業系統平台,整合出一個能對環境做進一步設定的系統。在此系統中能安裝各種不同的應用程式供使用者使用,並能配合需求來做調整。最後連接上現有的電腦輔具,使其擁有與一般電腦相同的使用環境來達到基本需求。讓身心障礙者們對於操作電腦的不適應感有所改善。 關鍵字:中文語音導讀、語音導讀軟體、嵌入式開源系統
The design of modern computer is for the normal people use, Most of them does not consider about the need of people with particular diseases or physical disabilities. But by using computer assistive products with auxiliary tools which designed for special user environment and full-functioned application, it can help those people in using computer. It is the principle of this research. This research used a small embedded system with Open Source operating system to create a system which is designed for particular users. The system can install different kind of applications for use, and adjust under user requests. Finally, we connect a computer assistive product to the system. Making it has the same user environment with normal computers, but improving the uncomfortable feeling in using computer for visually impaired people. Keywords:Chinese Screen Reader、Screen Reader、Embedded Linux System
Other Identifiers: GN0697470573
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