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Title: 不完全資訊賽局蜜月橋牌之研究
On the Study of an Imperfect Information Game:Honeymoon Bridge
Authors: 林順喜
Keywords: 蜜月橋牌
hineymoon bridge
imperfect information game
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 近年來,許多人投入人工智慧的研究領域,博弈遊戲也是其中之一。在大多數的遊戲中,通常是藉由設計者根據自身的經驗或感覺訂定一些準則來達成人工智慧的效果,這種作法雖然效果好,但設計者需要精通該遊戲且對遊戲中各種可能情況都做詳盡考慮,才能制定出夠精確的準則。一旦經過大量遊戲後,這些準則將被使用者掌握,使用者就能清楚知道電腦程式的行為模式,也就有可能會大幅降低遊戲程式的勝率。 在本篇蜜月橋牌的研究中,希望能夠探討出以盡量不使用經驗法則,而以電腦模擬計算及參數的演化做到相同的效果。因為使用模擬的結果來做決策依據,所以在不同的兩局中,有著相同局面卻有可能做出不同的決策,程式中參數經由大量的遊戲後慢慢做修正,可以解決設計者制定參數時不夠準確的問題。 在這篇論文中,我們設計出一些方法及資料結構來加速程式對牌局的模擬及計算。目前程式的牌力,對牌面局勢的價值分析已有一定的準確性,但由於不使用經驗法則,在某些牌局做出的決策會不夠正確。大體來說,目前我們程式的牌力大約與一般業餘玩家相近。
The study of games has been identified as an important research area in artificial intelligence. In the development of most game programs, the designers usually use heuristics to build a rule-based system to play a reasonably intelligent strategy. However, those approaches do not provide any guarantees about the performance of the computed strategies. When the programs play with human players lots of times, the human player may easily find the weaknesses of the programs. In the study of Honeymoon Bridge, we try to use simulation methods instead of rule-based methods. The program may make nondeterministic decisions in most situations because of the randomness involved in the computation. The parameters of the program can be gradually tuned according to the game results in order to improve its winning rate. In this thesis, we design some data structures and algorithms to speed up the calculation and simulation for the Honeymoon Bridge game. Experimental results show that our program can compete with amateur players.
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