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Title: 瞬間變速訓練對30公尺衝刺速度之影響
The effect of instantaneous velocity training to 30- meter sprint speed
Authors: 劉錦璋
Keywords: 瞬間變速訓練
Instantaneous velocity
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 力量和速度的結合即是爆發力,爆發力為體能的基本要素之一。目的:探討瞬間變速訓練對30公尺衝刺速度之影響,找出瞬間變速刺激的主要影響效果,並與文獻中以往訓練的成效做對比,提供教練與選手做為參考訓練上的參考依據。方法:受試者為台灣師大甲組田徑選手12名,以滑輪拉繩式訓練器進行瞬間變速訓練,並利用 SEIKO STORP WATCH 精工秒錶、Load cell 壓力測試器、3D加速規及Biopac MP150多功能生物訊號訊號處理系統擷取:1.瞬間變速刺激後不同休息時間30公尺衝刺結果。2.瞬間變速刺激效果內不同衝刺次數結果。3.再次刺激後30公尺衝刺結果。本實驗所得的各項資料以SPSS 19.0 for windows 統計套裝軟體進行統計分析。以相依樣本t-test 比較受試者瞬間變速刺激動作瞬間拉力、加速度及30公尺衝刺成績之差異,本研究之顯著水準定為α=.05。結果:瞬間變速訓練可產生較大加速度(7.4%)及力量(65%)(p<.05);瞬間變速訓練立即效果可使30公尺測驗成績進步0.1秒(2.7%)(p <.05);五分鐘保留效果可使30公尺測驗成績進步0.07秒(1.7%)(p <.05);十分鐘保留效果可使30公尺測驗成績退步0.02秒(-0.04%)(p >.05);再刺激後可使30公尺測驗成績進步0.06秒(1.3%)(p <.05);身體組成與30公尺測驗成績的進步率均無相關性(p >.05)。結論:瞬間變速訓練可提供較佳之訓練效果,更能幫助選手提高較高的動作加速度,即產生較大的力量, 瞬間變速刺激可做為上場前5分鐘內熱身準備運動。
The right combination of strength and speed can make ideal explosive and physical strength is playing an important role for it. Purpose: This research investigated the effect of instantaneous velocity training to30-meter sprint speed, in order to identify the main impact of instantaneous velocity. By comparing to various studies into the effectiveness of doing .This can be used as good reference for future training. Methods: This research is doing test to several athletes of National Taiwan University of Education. The test is using pulley rope-type training device for instantaneous velocity training and capture the important record by using Seiko storp watch, Load cell, Biopac MP150. The record includes 1. A 30-meter sprint speed under different resting time, 2. The result after several times of certain instantaneous velocity training is present, and 3. The result of 30-meter sprint speed after resource in doing instantaneous velocity training will be performed. Result: Meanwhile, use the dependent sample to compare the difference between pull force of temporary action、acceleration and the result of 30- meter sprint speed; The level of significance is standard values α=.05. The result are as follows, the temporary acceleration speed reach 7.4% and the force becomes 65% (p<.05); Hence, Instantaneous velocity training can make the result of 30-meter test progress 0.1 second immediately (2.7%)(p <.05). An effective of five minutes lasting which can make the result of 30-meter test Progress 0.07 second (1.7%)(p <.05). And ten minutes lasting effective can make the result of 30-meter test regress 0.02 second (-0.04%)(p >.05);It can make the test result progress 0.06 seconds (1.3%)(p <.05) after the stimulation. There is no relation between body element and the progress of the test result (p >.05). Conclusion: The test result is as follow, instantaneous velocity training can provides a better training result, and help the players improve acceleration speed and greater power at the same time. Hence, instantaneous velocity can be used as warm-up exercise before playing.
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