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Title: 2006年與2014年亞運女子排球得分因素與比賽成績之關聯研究
Analysis of relationship between scoring skills and scores in the model of Asians Game Women's Volleyball in 2006 and 2014
Authors: 張恩崇
Chang, En-Chung
Tseng, Hua-Yu
Keywords: 排球
Scoring Skills
Grey Relational Analysis
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 本研究目的以2006年杜哈亞運中華台北女子排球隊與2014年仁川亞運中華女子排球隊所有對戰球隊場次其各項得分技術及比賽勝率進行統計分析,主要探討2006年與2014年亞運中華女子排球隊所有對戰球隊場次所有對戰球隊各場次之四項得分技術之高低排序與所有對戰球隊場次所有對戰球隊各場次之四項得分技術與比賽成績之關聯程度。研究方法利用灰色關聯分析系統進行深入相關分析研究,求得四項得分技術與比賽勝率間關聯程度,研究結果顯示,在2006年杜哈亞運中華台北女子排球隊所有對戰場次其四項得分技術與勝率之間皆達 r>0.5 以上之相關,若依其大小順序排列,分別為:扣球得分(r1=0.86)、對方失誤得分(r4=0.83)、攔網得分(r2=0.73)、發球得分(r3=0.57),2014 年仁川亞運中華台北女子排球隊所有對戰場次其四項得分技,分別為:扣球得分(r1=0.70)、對方失誤得分(r4=0.62)、攔網得分(r2=0.47)、發球得分(r3=0.58)。 經由本研究結果分析中,發現2006年中華台北女子排球隊與2014年中華台北女子排球隊於四項得分技術表現上,都以攔網技術與發球技術其得分率為最低,建議在其未來實務訓練中,應優先強化其攔網高度與威脅性,提升發球技術之多變性與破壞性,藉以均衡中華台北女子排球隊全面技術之發揮,並注重基本動作培養與穩定性,減少比賽中自身技術失誤,以達到增加我方獲取勝利之機會。
The purpose of this study is to analyze the winning rates and individual technical scoring techniques from the 2006 and 2014 volleyball women Asian games. The study is based on Grey relational analysis to analyze association between four scoring skills and winning percentage. From the primary study data, the R values of 2006 Chinese Taipei women’s volleyball games including spike (r1 = 0.86), opponent error (r4 = 0.83 ) , block (r2 = 0.73), serve (r3 = 0.57) were more than 0.5. However, the winning rates and the scores from all the games during 2014 volleyball women Asian games were spike (r1 = 0.70), opponent error (r4 = 0.62 ) , block (r2 = 0.47), serve (r3 = 0.58). From results of the study, block and serve were the lowest among the four scoring skills both in the 2006 and 2014 games. In order to balance Chinese Taipei Women’s volleyball scoring techniques. As a result, in order to increase winning percentage, priority should strengthen the block height and diverse serving techniques, as well as stability of basic skills to decrease occurrence of errors.
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