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Title: 以關係品質觀點探討HBL球隊、學校形象與贊助商之連結
Analyzing the connections among HBL teams, schools images and sponsors based on the quality of relationship
Authors: 陳美燕
Chen, Mei-Yen
Liang, Chia-Yin
Wang, Wei-Lin
Keywords: HBL
relationship quality
basketball team
school image
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 適當的運用關係品質之概念可有效的增加消費者的忠誠度,而忠實的顧客也正是企業獲利的基石,認為關係品質包含滿意度和信任的概念,良好的關係品質可降低消費者的不確定性。此外,透過贊助商的介入,使高中籃球聯賽(簡稱HBL)和學校形象之間的三者關聯,能夠進一步的探討其影響和發展。本研究目的是以HBL球隊為研究對象,以關係品質觀點探討HBL球隊、學校形象與贊助商之連結,並以學校老師、教練、籃球聯盟組織職員、贊助商和記者為研究參與者,採用文獻分析和質性訪談法進行資料收集,深入的暸解本研究主題。研究方法包括三角檢核法、同儕檢核和成員檢核增加研究信實度。研究結果:首先,暸解HBL球隊與學校形象形塑的歷程,發現球隊源起到贊助商的加入,使得整體球隊與學校能有很大幅度的進展。接著,利用關係品質概念作為輔助理論依據,由信任、承諾和滿意三個面向做討論。最後,歸納分析三者之影響,分成展望與隱憂做討論,發現優劣之間為雙面刃,HBL聯賽的進步,與三者的連結有著重要的關聯,對於未來的發展方向有其影響。建議:本研究分成學術建議和實務建議,學術建議是希望能夠以不同的研究策略做質化之深入探討和比較,而實務上的建議則希望能夠減少三者之間的負向影響,針對球隊和學校經營的連結能夠更緊密,另外,聯盟組織訂定適切的規範,使未來發展能夠更加順利。
Adequately utilizing the concepts of relationship quality can effectively increase the customer loyalty. Furthermore, loyal customers are the beneficial basis of earning power of industries. Relationship quality also included with the concepts of satisfaction and trust. Fine relationship quality decrease the customer uncertainty. Additionally, through the intervention of sponsors, it has become a triangulation among the High School Basketball League (HBL), the schools’ images and the sponsors, plus, its impact and development are also investigated in this study. The study aimed to analyze the connections among HBL teams, schools images and sponsors based on the quality of relationship perspectives. Moreover, this study has concluded the interviews of the participants that are school teachers, coaches, staffs of basketball league, sponsor as well as reporters. The data analysis of this study are semi-structured interviews and document analysis. The analysis methods are triangulation, peer debriefing and member check in order to increase the reliability of this study. The results are; first, to understand the progress of the HBL team and school images building. Discovering the origins of the team and the later sponsors came in has made a huge progress to the whole team and the school as well. Secondly, by using the concepts of quality of relationship as the supplementary theory basis and deeply look into in trust, promises, and satisfactions these three aspects. Last, with inductive analysis on the influence of the three factors, the results leads to two sides, the outlook and potential problems. The advancement of HBL games has strong correlations with three factors mentioned above. The academic and practical suggestions are concluded. As for academic, dissimilar qualitative research strategies, a better, deeper understanding and comparison are expected in a near future. For practical part, reducing the negative affections between three factors and making the operation of the team and the school linking together. In addition, the organization of the league will be able to set the proper specifications and make the future development smoothly.
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